What To Wear Tailgating

I have a confession to make: I think my legs look weird in flats.

If you think I'm crazy, I can guarantee that you have your own silly little "I can't". Mine comes from having what I see as huge ballerina calves from dancing on pointe shoes from a very young age. But whatever your secret little insecurity is, I guarantee you my Two-Part Fashion Cocktail principle can help. {If you're new here, a Fashion Cocktail is all about striking the perfect balance of a vodka cranberry: sweet plus chic, sexy yet modest, depending on what you're styling that day.}

Despite my issue with flats, I swooned over these tan and pink oxfords when I found them for just $20 at TJMaxx! What I love about "fast fashion" {aka cheap} is that it let's me play. For $20 I was willing to push myself to find ways to style these, when I confess I wouldn't have at $200. Here's the cocktail I came up with:

1. If you think flats or any footwear makes you look short, stumpy, tomboyish, not very flattering -- elongate your legs. Here I paired them with a skirt that's a good few inches above the knee, plus one in white which is a neutral color that doesn't chop off the leg quite as much as, say, a black dress would.

2. If you think any footwear seems too heavy {in my bizarre mind it's easy to feel like these lil oxfords are akin to clown shoes} -- don't let all the weight be in your feet. With the white dress alone, I'd feel like all the weight in this ensemble dragged straight to the bottom. By layering on the vest, there's a bit more structure, fabric, color happening that makes my top feel more balanced out with my bottom.

And since -- unless you're going down south -- you don't want to be "that girl" wearing wedges to a football or other sporty event, this is my trick for pulling off a flats-and-sporty-look, even when you have a more feminine style like I do.

1. Elongage. Think cigarette skinny jeans, a dress a few inches above the knee or short-ish shorts.

2. Balance. Don't let your lace-ups be the heaviest part of your ensemble. Do some layering or accessorizing up top so our eyes don't go right to your feet.

Now this football loving girl {if you're unaware I love love love love love football. love.} is smitten with her new oxfords and can't wait to see how else I can style 'em.

Shop This Style { White Lace Dress : Zara : Similar + Similar | Long Vest : Urban Outfitters : Similar + Similar | Pink and Brown Oxfords : TJMaxx : Similar + Similar | Clock Necklace : Thrifted | Leather Bow Bracelet : c/o Style Lately + Similar | Pink and White Anchor Bracelet : Kiel James Patrick : Similar } + Bethany Michaela

One final cocktail happening here:

If you're fearful of looking too sporty, wear one thing that's very feminine like a white lace dress. Afraid of looking too girlie? Add one or two things with a masculine tone such as this vest.

The perfectly you fashion cocktail is within your power m'dear!

Want a more educated style?