Travel In Style

Mom taught me to dress nicely for airplanes. She recalled the days when it was a treat to fly, like going to a nice restaurant.

These days airport style is apparently a thing with endless articles of celebs on travel day. Though they rarely look to me like they’ve thought about sinking into tight spaces for long stretches.

So whether you’re with Mom or the gossip columnists, here’s my secrets for traveling in style, both chic and comfortable, without forsaking either:

#1: Black and white. The Chanel color palette is always chic, and you can get away with that make-up-free messy-bun when you rolled out at 4am. It’s the travel base of my 2-Part Fashion Cocktail [more on that in an upcoming class]: the better you dress, the less you have to primp.

#2: Chic cozy pants. These are one of my favorite categories in my closet, period. The key is finding soft fabrics, a little roomy, with some structure to them so they look a bit more like slacks than sweats. Test them out in the dressing room by sitting, crossing your legs, make sure they’re comfy to take a plane nap.

#3: The classy layer. Pack the zip-up or sweatshirt and chose a soft piece with structure or draping as an on/off option for the hot/cold plane moments and different climates when you land. A relaxed boyfriend blazer, cropped cardigan, chunky sweater are clutch.

#4: The profesh carry-on. My carry-on is my everyday laptop bag [actually a diaper bag, shh]. What’s important is that it looks nice, is functional with space for my computer, books and various pockets, and most importantly it’s comfortable dispersing the weight with it’s backpack straps as you walk and stand about all day and around town when you arrive.

#5: The sweet spot shoe. They are not tennis shoes, nor are they heels. You’ve got to take them on and off quickly for security. If you don’t like being barefoot at the airport, you’d like them to be worn with socks. So with all that, some version of loafers or low boots are my go-to.

Then put on sunglasses to cover your tired eyes on the way to the airport, makeup on in the car or when through security, and headphones on to get some joy with music, podcasts or audiobooks to make this an elegantly excellent travel day wherever you’re headed. [wink]

[ blouse + pants: nordstrom // cardigan: forever 21 // boots: dsw // backpack: lily jade // photographer: xenia udalove // location: amsterdam, netherlands ]

Final note: Look at all that goes into a travel day ensemble!

Not to overwhelm you, but to acknowledge why style can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider! It’s not rocket science, but there are reasons and elements to why you don’t feel chic or comfortable or [fill in the blank].

Once you crack the code to understand the principles, they become muscle memory and creating outfits you love and feel great in, becomes a snap.

As detailed as this simple look might sound, I basically wore this same outfit for every travel day during my four month sabbatica [ahem, lunging selfies]. Once I know what works, I just wear it and go.

Want more ease not just on travel day but everyday? Watch my 3 Steps to Simplified Style masterclass here for free for a limited time.

The foundations of fashion may be complex, but an educated style makes your life feel so much more effortless.

Want a more educated style?