The Everyday Dress

I have a new every-dress. I found her while shopping in London and after weeks of traveling realized her versatility.

Step one: Keep it neutral. Black, navy or any jewel tone, camel — stick with a solid color to give it maximum versatility. [You’re much more likely to get tired of or self-conscious frequently re-wearing a print.]

Step two: Seek an unbelted flattering shape. I love a belt. I belt everything. I find it so flattering. Often when I put on tunics I find they’re unflattering on my stomach, a little too clingy. However this one seemed to fall away from the body beautifully, meaning I could wear it confidently sans belt. I used this as a beach cover up to throw over a bikini for breakfast, a modest nightgown to sit around with our friends for a nightcap, wore her day or night.

Step three: Which can be belted to change the silhouette. Then I would belt it to change up the feel. Sometimes that felt more casual or fancy, sometimes more or less sexy, depending upon what I paired it with, but regardless there was a second shape to give me more diversity.

Step four: Accessorize it up and down. I wore this with flats or heels, simple jewelry or my peacock feathered necklace. I paired her with a denim jacket and an emerald silk coat, a colorful woven beach tote or a sensible leather laptop bag. The neutral color and easy shape were like a blank canvas with plenty of room to play based on the city or scenario.

[ dress: and other stories // necklace: j crew // rings: and other stories // bag: boutique, paris // photography: xenia udalove // location: amsterdam, netherlands ]

Step five: Where her everywhere. She became my most worn and loved travel staple. She made up for not having an endless closet, by giving me a super classic item I knew I’d feel good in. And when I got home, she became the warm weather alternative to the easy pants and sweater I’d throw on to work from the coffee shop or home office.

I love diversity, wearing new things, playing with color and pattern. But sometimes you just want a classic you know works, zero time analyzing, out the door and back to your fabulous life …

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