The Darling is in the Details

“Football  is a game of inches, menswear is a game of centimeters”

You may be aware I am an utterly unabashed fan of college football. And as a stylist, of course adore a well-dressed man. Inches, centimeters, meanwhile my other love of womenswear has more breathing room, less rules. We can get away with an overly large blouse, put tights under a slightly short skirt, belt a dress that’s a little too big.

Nonetheless, details still remain a powerful element that can separate cheap from chic, whether a piece looks like you found it at a big box store or a cool boutique shop. This simple pale blue top is a perfect example.

Here’s a deconstruction of five details worth noting:

  1. Neckline: A little wide, not your traditional scoop neck
  2. Fabric: A bit of a tweed weave instead of flat cotton
  3. Sleeves: An off the shoulder seem gives it a unique twist
  4. Hem: The curve of the front instead of a simple straight across
  5. Unique: The dual fabric, high cut in the back with a panel of flowy white

None of these details are a requirement, or the mark of chic all across the board, just a few small things that elevate this piece. Keep this in mind when trying to decide if a bit pricier item is worth the investment, or if a steal of a deal looks more expensive than it is. Does the fit, proportion or unique details make it stand out as something a bit more well designed?

The latter was true of this top. I don’t even remember where I found it, but it was cheap. Meanwhile the shorts were a vintage find, more expensive, but the high waist, pleating, nice fabric - the details let me know it would be a polished piece that lasts for seasons and I’ve had them for years now.

[ shirt: Boutique // shorts: Vintage // bag: Lily & Jade // photography: I Heart Paris location: paris, france ]

The darling is in the details!

Bonus tip, if you want to pull off a cheeky item like this hat, those more chic details elsewhere in your outfit help you pull it off without looking campy. As does keeping everything else simple: easy hair, makeup, flats, shorts so instead of looking like you’re trying too hard the hat says, “Oh this? Oh I just threw this on as I was dashing out the door”. (wink)

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