The One Thing I Did to 10X Profit in my 7-Figure Business in the Last 6 Months

Making a dream happen always begins with a leap of faith.

Seven years ago, outfitted in my sports-cocktail-waitressing uniform (XL polyester polo shirt and orthopedic shoes) I hit publish on my first blog post.

Declaring I would never again work a job that made me feel so small and uninspired.

First of all, it’s hard to imagine seven years in the future, right? I absolutely never dreamed that I would go on to build a business as big as I have.

I presented this keynote a year ago, and yet I’ve held off on sharing it with you until now. The numbers I share in the first five minutes alone are insane.

If I had watched this seven years ago, I would have turned it off thinking, “This has nothing to do with me. They’re obviously fancier, smarter, and have more connections. I want to go find someone just a year or two ahead of me to learn from.

Please don’t do what I would have done.

The numbers I’m going to share may feel far away from your reality. But the numbers are only data to backup what I know in my heart:

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What’s in this video are the core reasons I’ve been able to succeed.

In fact, this is “the why” behind one of our signature courses, Elegant Excellence.

And the good news is this isn’t about anything technical. It’s about skill sets that can change your life in the next six months. The skillsets I wish more people had talked to me about in my first few years of business. And having the courage to take a risk.

People paid thousands of dollars to attend this conference. I spent two months creating this keynote, and no one outside of that room has ever heard it. So don’t miss this gift!

It’s the most powerful new class I’ve created in the last couple years, and giving it away on my business anniversary felt like a good thing to do!

P.S. To celebrate my seven year business anniversary, I want to give you 75% off The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail

I wrote this after my second year in business...mostly to help you avoid the costly mistakes I made during those early years!

Full disclosure: There are many broken links (hence the steep discount), however, people have continued to buy it over the years and the emails we get are so moving that I don’t want to let my perfectionism get in the way of you reading what we get so much positive feedback on. The most common response is tears of relief, knowing someone has else actually been there before and there’s a path out.

The book was written two and a half years into my business. The keynote was given six years in. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the lessons from years one through seven.

Here’s the 75% discount page for the 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail!

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