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I’ve always been a private person. Around 8-years-old I recall being horrified hearing my sister tell my mom who she had a crush on.

In my last career of musical theatre I was on stage, under the spotlight. Yet in character, performing, not sharing my personal life.

Seven years ago when I started a side business as a personal stylist I had no vision of growing a large following. Too rational that I had missed the wave of big-time bloggers and “Instagram Influencers” not yet a thing, I simply had a few clients each month.

Therefore it’s God’s comedic irony that I ended up with upwards of half a million people I write to in emails and online, sharing my personal challenges with weight or running a business.


Yet I’ve never felt uncomfortable sharing as I’ve done so with intention. I know the areas of my life, head, and heart that I’ll share and do so with abandon, because I’m just as clear about the areas I keep private and personal.

I’ve watched closely over the years as fellow teachers and authors go by their maiden name, never share their husband’s face, a child only from the back of their head, refer to their gent merely as “Clever Boyfriend”, kids not by their legal name but pet monikers.

And on the other side I’ve watched women blog about every heartbreak, whether romantic or struggling through infertility. I’ve followed along ardently with those in both camps, loving the parts of their lives and wisdom they chose to share.

Both choices are beautiful and honorable and brave, if they’re the right one for you.


So too is it beautiful if you decide to dress modestly, or show off your curves.

It’s honorable if you start a business as an introvert, and make intentional choices to build it in a way that plays to your strengths.

And it’s brave for anyone who chooses to share online, whether in a private group like our style students, or those of you who share your hearts in the comments on my Instagram posts.

When we make the choices that are right for us, not those expected or encouraged by anyone else, we feel at peace -- in our style, business, relationship, life.


For me, keeping my romantic relationship private always felt right. I teach about style and business, not relationships. I’m first and foremost a teacher, not a lifestyle blogger monetizing my daily routine or home makeovers. I’ve shared that Beau exists, but his life and the Dean Street brand have been their own paths.

Yet I always knew it was for a season. One day there would be wedding photos I would be giddy to share, more freedom when we travel together to enjoy (it’s hard not to get someone on camera when you’re always together!). And so slowly, with lots of deep breaths, I shared that we got engaged... that we’re planning a wedding… more “we”.


If there is going to be a new season, I say go big or go home!

Since high school I have choreographed music videos in my head. To date I’ve never been able to bring one to life. Until now.

So enjoy the first music video of my dreams, and the only man of my dreams.

He’s been cheering for you and praying for you long before you ever met him, and we can’t wait to bring you along on our adventures…

Cinematography by John Carl with Duck Duck Collective

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