Chic Mom Style

Betty, met Mama Rushford! Or as bestie and I call our mom's by their first two initials of their first and last names {Betty Ball and Lori Rushford, BeBa} and LoRu.

Last winter when I was in London my mother kept commenting upon and borrowing my necklaces, which were mostly from Forever 21. "We should take you there!" I said. "Oh I'm not young enough to shop there," she'd reply. "90% of it isn't for you. But if you go with me, we'll focus on the 10% of it that is and I'll prove you wrong". We did, and she found this great pearl necklace!

London has a chain called Primark that's very similar to Forever 21 and as I was shopping I'd find things for her to try on. She resisted but I finally convinced her it was better than just sitting there while I tried my massive shopping cart on. She did, and she bought this darling tweed cardigan!

No matter what your age or style, most stores have at least 10% of things that could be "you" if you'll take the time to look a little more closely and not just scan the whole place.

Chunky necklaces, bracelets, belts and scarves are pieces you can often score at some place very affordable and make them look more chic. I also love Forever 21's cropped cardigans and boyfriend blazers. They're really affordable and over Mom's classic Brooks Brother base, look appropriately sophisticated.

Shop this Style on Mom { White Oxford : Brooks Brothers : Similar | Navy Slacks : Brooks Brothers | Tweed Cardigan : Primark : Similar | Pearl Necklace : Forever 21 : Similar } // Shop this Style on Hilary { Horse Print Blouse : Forever 21 : Similar | Emerald Maxi Skirt : Primark : Similar | Leopard Skinny Belt : Primark : Similar | White + Gold Necklace : Ann Taylor : Similar | Short Black Booties c/o Just Fabb: Similar | Polka Dot Clutch c/o Angela Kay: Similar }

These photos, taken just my Mom and I, were snapped in one of the oh so darling rows of mew houses near our flat in South Kensington. I went to first grade not too far away and that part of town has a special place in my heart.

Now I want to hear from you!

Where have you found one or two pieces that surprised you? What items do you look for at certain stores because they're more inexpensive or unique or great staples even if the rest of the store isn't so "you"?

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