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Photoshop Basics:

for blogs, marketing & busy folks

As an entrepreneur have you ever had an idea at midnight for a webinar, sale or offering you wish you could go live with the next day? Graphic designers are expensive and not on-call 24/7. Empower yourself to spread news visually on your blog and social media instantly by learning just the need-to-know basics of Photoshop.

We'll cover the elements needed to create graphics and collages, in a low-stress environment taught by someone who's not a tech girl so I speak in novice language. {wink} 


P.S. Also great for the mom who wants to whip up a flier for the PTA, the church secretary, making your family's Christmas letter and more in this unique two-hour Dean St Seminar video class!




  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Where to find photos & what to look for

  • GRAPHICS: How to create layers of type, banners or boxes 

  • COLLAGES: Placing multiple photos into one image whether for an As Seen In graphic or a family Christmas letter

  • BRANDING: How to ensure your work looks cohesive to save you time while making your company & images look professional

     Psst ... These are the main elements found in those graphics you've wished you could create, now at your            fingertips!

     We'll also cover:

  • How to set-up your Photoshop with only the handful of tools you'll need

  • How to avoid basic mistakes in losing or duplicating your work

  • Time hacks to streamline your process

  • Ways to cheat fancy effects using iPhone apps 

  • And, how to use a tablet to create your signature and hand-written elements


     FAQ:  Unsure if this works with your version of Photoshop? Past students say even the free trial of                      Photoshop Elements has worked for them to explore these skills and before they buy or upgrade!






Hi love! I'm Hilary Rushford, personal stylist and mentor to fellow entrepreneurs. Whether in your style, business or life my passion is giving you authentic confidence -- which comes from whipsmart education plus earnest vulnerability.

Anything tech, is my kryptonite. First thing that sends me into a business meltdown! But having Photoshop at my fingertips for the last three years has created such empowerment in my business and it's the one tech program I actually don't feel stressed opening! So I adore teaching it to anyone else who's felt overwhelmed inside a new platform.

I was the top student in my Photoshop class, one of Marie Forleo's featured success stories in 2014, appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Verily Magazine, on Glamour, Shape, Women's Health and hit six figures in revenue in just my third year of business.

I love running a business, building a visual brand, teaching and can't wait to share my passion for all three with you in this class! See you inside ...


Can't wait to see you inside, love ...