The Mentorship Coterie: Currently Closed

Have you ever been here on Dean Street Society and thought, “I wish I could build what she has; I want my message to be this clear; I so want to be thriving instead of striving; If only I knew where to start or what to do next”?

In small group Skype sessions I've coached over 50 entrepreneurs through the process of crafting, launching and growing their businesses. We've talked about target audiences, offerings, pricing, marketing, social media. We drilled down into priorities, getting clear on what their individual next steps were.

I made my business profitable in under two years, and it's my passion to help as many others experience that same empowerment and joy!

If you’re overwhelmed, stuck or a lost as to which way to head on your path, you don’t have to go it alone. I’ve been there, and I know the way. Let’s draw you a map, silence the clutter and give you room to breathe to focus on what matters this fall. Setting yourself up for success now, means you can play on a whole new level come 2014.


After each call with you I have a great action list with items I need to work on first and fore- most. I see which areas to focus on and which aren't so important. I feel so motivated and ready to tackle the next bullet point on my list. As a creative entrepreneur, my mind tends to go in so many directions at once and it is refreshing and proactive to talk about my next action steps with you since you have been on the same position. I am still in the infancy of my business but I feel I have a clear direction in which to go.

Heidi Bray, Event Planner

I have taken my personal branding much more seriously, thinking long and hard about how my business needs to leverage my strengths since we met. People are much more receptive to my message, and I’m braver about buckling down and getting my business off the ground no matter what. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement as it means a lot right about now.

Sandra Harriette, Marketing Consultant

You gave me smart ways to really think about branding and differentiating myself in a crowded market, and gave me easily digestible steps to launch now instead of later. I'm closer to taking action than I would've been just going it alone. I'd prob- ably still just be talking about what I want instead of taking thoughtful action to make it happen!

Nikki Duckworth, Stylist


  • Only four-six bettys or dappers are present in each session
  • Five 90-minute sessions
  • Over the course of ten weeks
  • One call every other week
  • Using GoToMeeting so everyone can see one another on video & participate
  • Days & times of the sessions are not be determined until applicants have been received & we can choose a time that works for all those accepted
  • Plus, you’ll receive free access to the three-part Dean Street Seminar “Starting Your Dream Business” ($95)


Please note: The Mentorship Coterie was most recently in session Spring 2014.

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>> To apply, click the button below and share: 1) Where you’re at in your business, 2) Where you’d like to be in 6 months, 3) Where you’d like to be in 3 years, 4) Your current challenges & frustrations, 5) If you can meet for 90 minutes on weekdays, weeknights and/or weekends
>> Applicants will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. Click the banner below this minute and let's chat!
>> Please note: Spring 2014 was our most recent session and applications are not being accepted. Be the first to hear about the next round by hopping on the business side of Honor Society!


One-on-One Business Mentoring: Currently Closed


Do you ever wish you had someone to really talk to, process your business ideas with, think aloud with? My friends are wonderful and so generous to listen to me talk about my business, but when I really need guidance, I have to turn to a mentor. Those talks to get advice on pricing, wording, launching, branding, negotiating, prioritizing -- they have made me thousands of dollars & saved me thousands of tears if I’d settled, played small, taken on too much.

One of my biggest mistakes in business personally, was not doing this sooner. We all need someone to help us see the forrest for the trees. We have full hearts, and need someone with clear eyes to help us form a killer game plan.

If you work better one-on-one than in a group, if your time is precious and you’re anxious to get things moving asap, I’d love to have private time with just us.

Before we work together you’ll fill out a worksheet to help us both get clear on where you are, where you’re stuck, where you’re headed, what you want to focus on and move forward in during our time together. No two sessions are alike. Your business, your goals and strengths will guide us as we dive into what matters most for you in this next season of your business.


With Hilary I got the "outside" perspective I needed to realize I wasn't representing myself the way I intended. I think 24x7 about my industry so it's easy to speak in a way that's confusing to outsiders, potential customers -- so I’ve adjusted the way I talk about what I do, plus realized I need to infuse more of my per- sonality into my website and how to do that, and switched up what I offer. Awesome.

Sarah Doody, User Experience Designer

You are one inspiring woman, Hilary. It has also been great to hear about your business planning and see how it continues to de- velop. You've given me a plan and I don't have to do everything at once! Thank you for your educating, encouraging and chal- lenging words that come from a place of love and experience. I think you're fabulous. Just sayin'.

Katie Scott, Baker

I loved our discussions and clarity on website, pricing, building up confidence, opt-in offers, and the big picture direction of where I’m going and what I’m offering. Hey, just the fact I’m more excited about my website and making changes is awesome! HUGE for me. Thank you thank you. I feel I have all of these amazing tools. I'm learning to prioritize what to do each day and working on my mindset to play a bigger game.

Jennifer Koch, Adventure Creator



  • Three 60-minute sessions
  • Over the course of two-six weeks, depending on your preference
  • Via phone
  • Plus, you’ll receive free access to the three-part Dean Street Seminar “Starting Your Dream Business”


Please note: The Mentorship Coterie was most recently in session Spring 2014.

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