Hooray, love!

Delighted to have you in the third round and can't wait to explore more of your gifts and talents ...

For the prompts below, remember just to use your best judgement based on what you know. Traditionally, I would give you more direction, you'd know more background, etc. So these aren't trick questions to read my mind, but for me to see how your mind works and what your instincts are. However, if you really feel torn and have a Q you're welcome to email me for clarification as I also don't desire to waste your time wandering down a rabbit hole.


Writing + The Dean St Voice

1. I'll be writing you personally with some notes regarding the faux emails you've already submitted, asking you to make some tweaks and resubmit.

2. Write a blog post for this photo shoot coming to the blog this summer.


Systems + Project Management

3. I'm struggling with how to better organize our Dropbox. It currently consists of five folders:

When we're launching Style & Styleability -- cuing up the 3-part launch video and sales pages on the website -- it's clear that the team should head to Dean St Website to find and save graphics.

However, once the doors close and we move into the class, it would make sense that you'd head to Dean St Docs + Programs. Except that a lot of what we need was part of the website, so now you're bouncing back and forth; one signature program, lives in two main files. Which wastes time and leads to confusion for everyone.

Meanwhile when photos come in from my photographer, they go under Dean St Photography. Then once they've been narrowed down and resized they end up in Dean St Blog. But when we want to go look for photos for a new graphic, where we could use an image that didn't appear on the blog, we're checking Dean St Blog for quick resized options and Dean St Photography for more options.

Explore the screengrabs below which show you the current "path" inside each of our five folders. Then open up a document and type out a new path for me to sign-off on so I can trust you to go turn everything on it's head in there, and the next day I'll be able to find everything better than I could before. {wink}

P.S. Please note you do NOT need to account for every single folder shown below. This is about a general map so I can sign-off and then in real life you'd go drag and drop all the little folders appropriately.


4. We’re relaunching my book on the one-year anniversary, December 17th. Open up Asana {it's free if you need to start a new account} and create a project map.

I’ll be recording an audio book, writing two new chapters, we need to get it formatted in InDesign, up on Amazon, and ready for Kindle/eReader -- just off the top of my head. {Those last three parts I don't know how to do.}

Note you don’t have to answer every Q, just lay out the path, order, timeline, how we’re solving/hiring/researching what you and I don’t know. The role of a Project Manager is to tell me what to do. You'd be the boss of me. With the deadline of December 17th, convince me that you know what it takes to get there and can keep us on track even when I'm distracted juggling something else or burnt out in the midst of a different project. 


Technical Gremlins

5. I can’t figure out why I have multiple contacts in my iPhone and don’t want to start deleting them because I don’t want them to flood back the next time I sync my phone. How do we solve this?

6. The email alias “hello@deanstreetsociety.com” in our Google Apps account has a silly photo I snapped on my webcam when the tech guy was setting up my computer. How do you change the photo for just one alias?


Dream Team

7. The next team member I hire will be to fill in your gaps. If you're the Chief of Staff, what skill do we want them to have?

I already have a web designer and graphic designer, and three interns for extra hands on small tasks. But what's the area you'd love to have a mentor in: "Bring her in for 2 months so I can learn from her in this area". Or which tasks have come up in this application process that aren't your sweet spot: "Let's delegate this to a freelancer who can knock it out faster rather than my spending time researching or learning it".

8. While this position does not have you in front of the camera often, if we're sharing a hotel room at a conference, you know I'm going to want us to film a #DeanStDancebreak! Film a short #dancegram whether you email it just for me or tag me on Instagram and include that link.


How to Submit

Please hit reply one last time on your original email application by Wednesday morning. That way your entire application will remain in one thread.

I have two coaching calls for Style & Styleability that day, and will dive into these before and after. If you get it to me before then, I'll be thrilled to dive in early!

The final step in this process will be phone interviews. One with myself and one with a trusted advisor for a fresh set of eyes. My hope is those will take place at the end of the week or over the weekend. {I do realize it's a holiday weekend.} But last week I envisioned reading applications in one day and it took three, so things may pop up on my end that delay the process. Just sketching out expectations for you as much as I can. {wink}


One last thing. Go take a walk. Take some deep breaths, deep exhales. My friend Liz DiAlto told me that when we're trying to trust our gut, yes and no can often feel similar initially. Like butterflies. Buzzy, churning. But that when you slow down and really clue in, you can tell if that is a nervousness because it's not right or because it's so right. You either feel a tightening, or an expanding.

When I was in musical theatre I was used to fighting for jobs. Multiple times a week. A few years ago I was one of three girls up for a spot on the National Tour of Billy Elliot. I fought, per usual. I saw my audition coach, my voice teacher, I showed up prepared, I gave 110%, I smiled at everyone on the team. And when I got a text from my friend Karen that she had gotten it instead of me, I burst into uncontrollable tears of relief. 

I didn't want it. But I felt like I couldn't admit that. I was supposed to want it {a Broadway tour!}. I wanted it when I first walked in the room {a tap show! Irish accents!}. But throughout the process it turned out I didn't really love the music, love the choreography, love the idea putting my life in Brooklyn on pause for a year and a half knowing that's how long I'd need to stay on the road to not burn a bridge or make my agent or the casting directors angry.

Being the Chief of Staff for Dean Street Society could feel like your Broadway tour. But just because it sounds fabulous, doesn't mean it's fabulous for you, long-term.

If you decide to withdraw your name, just drop me an email and I'll give you a big ol' virtual hug of gratitude. {wink}


Thank you. Thank you for desiring to be a part of something so near and dear to my heart, a part of my family. I can't wait to learn more about you ...