Our private community exclusively for Instagram With Intention students was created at the request of our alumni!

We're a place to collaborate and grow our followings together:

  • Dean Street Society curates weekly opportunities to swap shout-outs and partner by size of following and industry/niche
  • Members are welcome to curate their own opportunities for #FollowFriday #SmallBusinessSaturday or partner for giveaways {see the one below left of all our own makers!}
  • Members are invited to offer their products for review/feature on other accounts, or offer to review/feature products for one another

A place to crowd-source our knowledge:

  • Dean Street Society curates weekly inspiration to keep your Instagram feeds fresh and engaging for your audience
  • Members are welcome to post Qs about the Instagram platform to be answered by one another
  • Members are invited to share new apps, software, insights and what's working to bless the community {y'all are so creative!} plus any opportunities you see or hear of that could apply to your Instagram sisters

And of course we celebrate our wins together! Think of it like a group dance class at the gym instead of lifting weights by yourself in the corner {wink}. If you're ready to dive into Instagram we'd love to have you join us!

Can't wait to hear about your next 100 or first 10,000 followers!



This community exists primarily for the purpose of collaborating around the Instagram platform with fellow students of Dean Street Society’s “Instagram with Intention”, crowdsourcing knowledge and inspiration to grow all our followings and businesses to new levels.

The below guidelines are to differentiate it from other online business groups as we see one another not as our customers but our peers, which is far more valuable in the long run! And to prevent any selfish spammers. A Dean St betty gives twice and thus gets even more! 

Promotional posts may only be about your Instagram profile, not your business, products, services, classes, courses, sales, etc. In other words, this is not a community for you to market to, but collaborate, brainstorm and build colleague relationships with.

Promotional posts may only be a call to swap shout-outs, offer your product ℅ to others in trade for a post, curate a #FollowFriday, etc. Anything that breeds collaboration is welcome! What is unwelcome are posts simply asking for new followers. The exception is those who are proposing a follow-for-follow, and honoring that proposal. In other words, you may not spam the community telling people to follow you.

This is a community amongst our students, not a channel for customer service nor coaching from Hilary. The community will be monitored by a Dean St Instagram Ambassador from the Dean Street Society team, whose role is to make sure the guidelines are being upheld.

Instagram brings inspiration, education, community and of course beautiful photos into the world and this tribe exists to help us all do that better to bless more people and grow businesses and lives we adore!