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Instagram with Intention:

fab photos, clear branding & marketing to your giddy growing audience

In Fall 2013 I spoke at two events both promoted by the hosts on Twitter and Instagram. I received 10 new followers on Twitter, 250 on Instagram {25x the growth!} and decided it was clear which platform was gaining traction.

In February 2014 I decided to take my Instagram game up a notch and began growing my following by 1K a month from 5K to 14K and growing. Now it's time to show you how!


This one platform has made me thousands of dollar, introduced me to thousands of followers, and I can't wait to help you do the same! Snag this content I've taught for Creative Live, private masterminds, and now you in this unique 3-hour Dean St Seminar video course.




  • YOUR PROFILE: The #1 thing you need and 3 ways to get it

  • YOUR CONTENT: The 4 themes to choose from successful accounts have mastered

  • YOUR AUDIENCE: The 2 secrets I've used to grow my following 1K a month that you can start using today

  • YOUR MARKETING: Your endgame to make this platform convert to clients, revenue and a thriving business

     Psst ... Those are the things successful accounts have mastered that have eluded you until now, when I'm            breaking down your new game plan step by step!

     We'll also cover:

  • Why Instagram is the most powerful, fastest growing platform to engage your audience

  • How to avoid basic mistakes and save time

  • My favorite apps and how to use them

  • The truth about hashtags and other myths to growing a following

  • My favorite accounts and what they're doing right

  • Plus Qs submitted by my Instagram followers!


     FAQ:  Android user? My experience is with iPhone so there may be small adjustments but most features and      apps or comparable apps are available on Android.






Hi love! I'm Hilary Rushford, personal stylist and mentor to fellow entrepreneurs. Whether in your style, business or life my passion is giving you authentic confidence -- which comes from whipsmart education plus earnest vulnerability.

When it comes to Instagram I've been called "a superb educator" by the Creative Live team when teaching on the subject, my students report growth in their following and engagement within just a few weeks, and Instagram posts attest that they go forth and share about this class recommending it!

I was one of ten Instagrammers chosen to shoot Nordstrom's first ever "Instalogue" catalogue, one of Marie Forleo's featured success stories in 2014, appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Verily Magazine, on Glamour, Shape, Women's Health and hit six figures in revenue in just my third year of business.

I love running a business, building a visual brand, teaching, Instagram and can't wait to share my passion for all four with you in this class! See you inside ...


Can't wait to see you inside, love ...