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One of the true secrets of my success has been surrounding myself with brilliant women.

My mastermind sisters, mostly B-School alums, are talking about something Marie mentions in the video below.

The online business game is changing

Most have been in business for a few years longer than I have, and they clearly see what was working just a couple years ago ... doesn’t work the same today.

We need to be open to what’s next, but we don’t have to do that alone.

Which is why I can’t wait to tell you more about Happy Hour Coterie soon.

You've already seen Marie's video on the next page, but going into my fourth year of B-School I learn more and get inspired anew each and every spring.

Here's to always learning together, and even more to always sharing with our sisters.

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Marie's “Pillar #1” is what I spoke on at the top blogger conference last month.

I’m honored to say many women told me it was the best class at the event.

And I believe that’s because ...

This Topic Is One Not Enough Women Entrepreneurs are sharing About:

How they really make money, serious money, without being exhausted whirlwinds.

When Marie talks about “where” in Pillar #1 -- that one thing has literally changing my happiness, health and stress levels heading into 2015.

After three years of insanity, I have finally {finally!} reached a next level where I'm not scrambling every month to pay my rent, spread far too thin, pulling all-nighters alone.

The truth is it didn't change ... until I brought more people into my life: mentors, sisters, experts.

Now, I'm making multiple six-figures. Actually I just made 75% of my 2014 income in one month. I'm planning my month in Paris. And I can't send thank you texts fast enough to the gems in my life.


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Enjoy, betty! More soon on your invitation to Happy Hour Coterie …

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