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Style & Styleability is a 5 week online class teaching my 10 Secrets to Timeless Style -- it’s the foundation of fashion no one ever taught you. They apply no matter your weight, your size, and stay true over the years as you and your personal style evolve.

This is the intelligent woman’s approach to style. Unlike magazines, there are no trends, no boxes {”4 body types”} and no “must haves.”

It’s one-part the science of style {the anchor} and one-part a guided journey to your own personal style {your unique sails}. It’s a recipe to feeling more like yourself, taught by your personal stylist who’ll help you look the way you want to feel.




You stop waiting. "If only I had more money or weighed less." You're done feeling stuck in a rut.

You finally discover YOUR UNIQUE PERSONAL STYLE & how to love what you have now, your closet & your body. It's time to choose joy.


No more exhausted mornings. "I have so many clothes but don't know how to wear them." Stop settling.

Now you see endless possibilities in your closet, know the steps to MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU ALREADY OWN & spend more wisely.

Done with feeling average or meh when you look in the mirror. "I want to look polished & pulled-together."

Radiate who you are walking into first dates, final interviews & build flourishing empires with AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE to feel effortlessly chic.


CLARITY: YOU'LL SOAK IN KNOWLEDGE watching classes filmed at the Dean Street Studio with my personal wardrobe, exclusive content taught only inside Style & Styleability.

  • 10-Part Video Class: 10 Secrets to Timeless Style


CONFIDENCE: NEXT YOU TAKE ACTION musing on writing prompts inside the journal and creating new outfits from your closet.  You'll stretch your creativity and develop refreshing new habits.

  • Journal Companion: More insights from Hilary plus deep heart questions for you with space to write

  • Style Scavenger Hunts: See your closet with fresh eyes and experience a new level of creativity


JOY: THEN WE SHARE IN COMMUNITY inside our private forum and weekly live calls when I take Qs and pull from the challenge photos to give feedback for everyone to learn. You’ve never met a nicer group of bettys who believe in encouraging beauty!

  • Lady Dates: Our live weekly calls {2 in 1 day for double the chance you can join us live}

  • Treehouse of Trust: A private forum open for you all year round





My budget feels tight right now. How do I know if this is the best investment for me?


How much did you spend on clothes in the last year or two? More than $797? Choose style education instead of more style stuff.

Take the money you were going to throw at clothes you were just kind of guessing on, and invest it in learning how to shop smarter for a priceless wardrobe you know how to remix and absolutely love. Plus a foundational education that always fits and is never dated {which you can’t say about those jeans you’re eyeing!}

Ten years from now, you’ll be grateful you put a hold on buying more things, to take this season to learn what you really love.


Can I participate in all future sessions too?

Yep! I want you to continue to build upon this knowledge, benefit from all future additions to the program and grow alongside your classmates as you foster those relationships and inspire one another.


What's your refund policy?


We have a questions-asked refund policy within 10 days of class starting. Questions asked, you say? In order to receive a refund you’ll need to provide your completed journal and style challenges for week one. I believe 100% in this class and if you aren’t connecting with it after going through the first chapter in full, I want to learn from your experience to improve it for the next round of students!



October 15 - November 20
video classes, interactive journal, weekly challenges
live calls & our private forum are yours!






October 15 - November 20
video classes, interactive journal, weekly challenges
live calls & our private forum are yours!