STYLE & STYLEABILITY is a 5 week online class teaching the 10 Secrets to Timeless Style through video classes, written content, weekly challenges and personal feedback from moi, Hilary, on each and every one. You'll hear and see, watch and read, ask and do. Alongside an incredible community of fellow bettys inside our private forum, The Treehouse of Trust.



Each week you'll dive into 2 of 10 video classes filmed at the Dean Street Studio with my personal wardrobe in which I teach my 10 Secrets of Timeless Style, exclusive content taught only inside Style & Styleability.



You'll also dive into the 40+ page workbook for more teaching, journal entries and written challenges we'll share in the Treehouse for deeper community and accountability. After all, your style depends upon who you are, where you're headed and how you want to feel. 




Next, you'll take action with weekly style challenges which we share inside the Treehouse of Trust. I promise you've never met a nicer, more encouraging group of bettys to offer you inspiration and feedback!



Finally, join me on 1 of 2 live weekly calls {to reach more time zones and work schedules}. Or, if you can't make the live calls or prefer private feedback, receive it through a personal audio note from me each week.



With lifetime access to the content, join us again next session to take your style even further. And in the meantime, turn to the Treehouse of Trust anytime you want some help deciding on an outfit for a big event. {wink}

  • The doors close on Tuesday, May 27th and class begins on Friday, May 30th.
  • Class runs for 5 fabulous weeks.
  • Live calls are on Wednesdays and the rest of the class is done on your timeline, with all the content arriving on Fridays for you to dive into at the best time for you.



I'm delighted to share the transformation Style & Styleability alums gush about!
Plus they dive in again and again, making this one class a gift that keeps on giving.


Not sure this class is right for you?
We're here to answer you honestly & help you make the right decision for you.


Q. My budget feels really tight right now. How do I know if this is the best investment for me?

A. Take a look at your bank account. How much did you spend on clothes in 2013? Was it more than $598?

Choose style knowledge instead of more style stuff. Take the money you were going to invest in clothes you were just kind of guessing on, and invest it in learning how to shop smarter for a wardrobe that will be far more valuable to you. Plus an foundational education that you won’t outgrow as your style, tastes or weight changes.

Ten years from now, you’ll be grateful you put a hold on buying more stuff, to take this season of learning about what you really love. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FAB GRAPHICS ON THIS TOPIC.

Q. I've been trying to buy less. Will taking this class just make me want to go out & shop more?

A. Nope! My focus is 100% on making the best use of the closet you already own. And I promise we will expand your vision in there. Sure, you’ll discover some key pieces you'll want to buy, giving you more options with what you already own. But when you do have the finances to invest there, you'll know you're spending smarter on items you know exactly how to style. This class will help you spend more wisely for years to come, meaning this class is the ultimate coupon book. {wink} READ MORE HERE!


A: Oh sister, me too! That's why I worked hard to create great content and action steps, that you can complete in just one hour a week. Total. And most of that is divided up into just 5-20 minutes at a time.

Then an additional hour for our live calls. Can’t join live? Listen to the recording at the gym or while curling your hair. Or request an individual audio note from me to hear your personal feedback in just a few minutes.

Q. I'm going to be traveling this summer. Is this totally a bad time to take the class?

A. Nope! First of all, you can appreciate much of the class even if you're away from home or living out of a suitcase. Watch the class videos on the plane, read the lessons on the beach, and set reminders in your calendar to do the organization steps when you’re home.

Let me know you’ll be traveling, and I’ll get you the style challenges earlier so you can consider them when you pack if you want to participate. Plus you have access to every future session, to dive in even deeper. In the meantime, you'll have knowledge to start implementing into your life now. So don't wait. There will never be a perfect time.

Q. I hardly own any clothes. And most of what I do own is lame. Am I going to feel like a big dork taking this class with my pathetic excuse for a closet?

A. If there is one thing I can guarantee you will NOT feel in Style & Styleability, it's pathetic. I'm thrilled to say that the Dean Street bettys are so welcoming, excited to learn, and all coming from vastly different places. To see what I mean just scroll up to hear what alums have to say! Instead of feeling like you're lacking, you'll be gaining foundational knowledge. Even if it's implemented in baby steps as your closet grows over time, you will be on the path headed straight out of closet-shame-ville. Don't wait till you have a better closet or a better style. This class is created TO help you get that!

Q. I live in Australia. Will being in such a different time zone mean I'm missing out? Will being in a different season make the style challenges difficult?

A. The majority of the class is done on your own schedule. The only live component is our weekly calls, which I host twice in one day to double your chance of having the time work for you.

If you can't join us live, you'll be able to submit your Qs ahead of time, your challenge photos will still be personally addressed, & you’ll have the recording in your inbox the next day. Or you can elect to have me personally send you an audio note with your feedback. You'll never miss a beat!

Also the style challenges are not attached to season. They’re about big picture principals and stretching your creativity, whether you’re wearing sundresses or sweaters.

Q: Can I participate in all future sessions too?

A. Yep! I want you to continue to build upon this knowledge, benefit from all future additions to the program and grow alongside your classmates as you foster those relationships and inspire one another. New students receive priority on our live calls in terms of personal feedback, but everyone’s welcome.

Q. What's your refund policy?

A. We have a questions-asked refund policy within 21 days of class starting. Questions asked, you say? If this class didn't meet your expectations or speak your language, I want to know! So before issuing a refund we’ll just ask you to help us understand what could be adapted to make the next "you" a delighted new student. We believe in this program 100% and are always on a quest to make the next round better.



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