1. Marie Forleo's B-School is starting soon! When you register through the Dean Street link {click Enroll Now; doors close March 5th!} I receive a commission as an affiliate, which means I can offer you a spot in The Mentorship Coterie as a bonus -- FREE. Fellow alums of B-School are also exclusively invited to join us and I'm thrilled to offer you a discount to dive deeper with us. {PS Did you see Hilary's interview in this video?}

2. Squarespace is powering ReMade: Launch in 3 Days Workshop, Live in NYC with moi and the Dean Street web developer Sasha Kill of Outlaw Creative {also a B-School alum!}. All are welcome, though if you join B-School through the Dean Street link, that "affiliate commission" is going straight back to you to cover $1,000 of your ReMade registration!





Mentorship Coterie

Did you watch my interview with Marie Forleo thinking “I wish I could build what she has; I want to be there sooner than I believe I can; I so want to be thriving instead of striving; If only I knew where to start or what to do next”?

In Spring 2013 I coached 14 bettys through Marie Forleo's B-School & the process of crafting, launching & growing their businesses. We talked about target audiences, offerings, pricing, marketing, social media. We drilled down into priori- ties, getting clear on what their individual next steps were.

If you’re overwhelmed, stuck or a lost as to which way to head on your path, you don’t have to go it alone. I’ve been there, & I know the way. Let’s draw you a map, silence the clutter & give you room to breathe to focus on what matters. Setting yourself up for success now, means you'll be playing on a whole new level by June. Join us here!

P.S. Are you a fellow alum who wants to make the most of the investment you already made in B-School? You're exclusively invited to join us to dive deeper this time around with fellow B-Schoolers.


After each call with you I have a great action list with items I need to work on first and fore- most. I see which areas to focus on and which aren't so important. I feel so motivated and ready to tackle the next bullet point on my list. As a creative entrepreneur, my mind tends to go in so many directions at once and it is refreshing and proactive to talk about my next action steps with you since you have been on the same position. I am still in the infancy of my business but I feel I have a clear direction in which to go.

Heidi Bray, Event Planner

I have taken my personal branding much more seriously, thinking long and hard about how my business needs to leverage my strengths since we met. People are much more receptive to my message, and I’m braver about buckling down and getting my business off the ground no matter what. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement as it means a lot right about now.

Sandra Harriette, Marketing Consultant

You gave me smart ways to really think about branding and differentiating myself in a crowded market, and gave me easily digestible steps to launch now instead of later. I'm closer to taking action than I would've been just going it alone. I'd prob- ably still just be talking about what I want instead of taking thoughtful action to make it happen!

Nikki Duckworth, Stylist

You are one inspiring woman, Hilary. It has also been great to hear about your business planning and see how it continues to de- velop. You've given me a plan and I don't have to do everything at once! Thank you for your educating, encouraging and chal- lenging words that come from a place of love and experience. I think you're fabulous. Just sayin'.

Katie Scott, Baker


  • Only 4-8 bettys or dappers will meet together at a time
  • Five coaching, action and accountability group sessions
  • 1.5-2 hours each
  • Over the course of 10 weeks: the 8 weeks of B-School and beyond
  • One call every other week
  • Using GoToMeeting so everyone can see one another & participate
  • Multiple day & time windows available & you'll be able to choose which works best with your time zone & work schedule
  • Only open to current or past B-School students at this time
  • PLUS opportunities on the alternate weeks for calls with an accountability partner



Please note if you are not a student of B-School you are welcome to join us for the next session! Hop on Honor Society now to be first in line!

How do The Mentorship Coterie sessions work?

The B-School edition of The Mentorship Coterie is extra special because everyone involved in going through the modules together, so we're all naturally focused on the same topic for each call. While each person gets a chance to raise their hand for Qs specific to their business, the on-topic conversation lets us all go deeper to applying the B-School modules, clarifying confusion and crowd sourcing the ah-hah moments and ideas we've been having. The video component creates a next level warmth with one another as we develop relationships all over the world.

How do I know if B-School is right for me?

Let's chat! Apply below and let me know your concerns. Everyone's story is unique so I can't give blanket advice, but would love to navigate whether it's right for you, or if perhaps there's a better option for you right now.

What if I request a refund from B-School?

If you've seen other bonus offers for B-School you'll notice they usually don't give them until you're already halfway through B-School, but I don't want you to wait! So I have a simple contract you sign whereby if you decide B-School isn't right for you, you can cover only the TMC sessions you've been able to enjoy already.

Will I get one-on-one time? 

Before each session I'll have everyone submit their Qs. This way I can make sure we're not asking duplicate Qs but covering as much ground as possible, plus it lets me curate the Qs in an order that allow us to go deeper throughout the call. Then you'll have the floor one at a time to dive into that Q and conversation with me, so there's no worries that you'll be forgotten or one person will dominate or derail the conversation.

Why should I choose The Mentorship Coterie over one of the other B-School bonuses?

Two words: Personal interaction. In past years, I have not seen ANYONE else who offers personal attention for FREE. A download, book, spot in a program -- sure. But actual, ongoing coaching -- beyond just a one-time 30 minute session -- at least in the past that has not existed outside of Dean Street Society. It's a much bigger commitment for me, but I believe so deeply in the power that personal relationships have to help us take our businesses to the next level, that I don't want to just give you a download, I want to give you myself and personally get to know your story. 

Why do you ask us to apply for The Mentorship Coterie?

I'm not the kind of betty who jumps into bed with just anyone. {wink} Before we embark upon a new relationship I want to make sure I'm the best fit for you and I've gotten to know your story.  

  • To apply, click the button below and share: 1) Where you’re at in your business 2) Where you’d like to be in 6 months 3) Where you’d like to be in 3 years 4) Your current challenges & frustrations 5) Whether you're a new student of Marie Forleo's B-School, or which year you joined.
  • Doors to register for B-School close on Wednesday, March 5th
  • Applicants will be considered on a first come, first serve basis so click the banner below this minute and let's chat!

ReMade: Launch in 3 Days

Do you have website envy? Wish you had one like Dean Street Society? Let my web developer, Sasha Kill of Outlaw Creative, and I create you one!

Are you overwhelmed with your website? Stuck? Don't know how to update? Unsure how much to keep investing in outsourcing everything? Let us empower you to create and expand using Squarespace just like we do!

Sasha is the Queen Rockstar of Squarespace. {She literally has one of the head honchos on speed-dial and always has the inside scoop on what's being released next.} She's a fabulous teacher, her tutorials are worth their weight in gold, and she has handled my emotional meltdowns with such grace and action.

Moi, Hilary, help my clients with their voice and visuals in creating websites and brands that look and sound more professional, warm and unique. As a stylist, writer, creative I attribute a great deal of my success to my ability to make my clients crush on my writing and my aesthetic.

Together, we both have the business savvy to help our clients layout sites that convey and convert, and are pretty gosh darn excited at combining our talents to change your life and your business in just 3 fabulous days.


With Hilary I got the "outside" perspective I needed to realize I wasn't representing myself the way I intended. I think 24x7 about my industry so it's easy to speak in a way that's confusing to outsiders, potential customers -- so I’ve adjusted the way I talk about what I do, plus realized I need to infuse more of my per- sonality into my website and how to do that, and switched up what I offer. Awesome.

Sarah Doody, User Experience Designer

I loved our discussions and clarity on website, pricing, building up confidence, opt-in offers, and the big picture direction of where I’m going and what I’m offering. Hey, just the fact I’m more excited about my website and making changes is awesome! HUGE for me. Thank you thank you. I feel I have all of these amazing tools. I'm learning to prioritize what to do each day and working on my mindset to play a bigger game.

Jennifer Koch, Adventure Creator

I needed to create a portfolio website and stumbled across Sasha in b-school. My experience working with Outlaw Creative was awesome! I felt a kinship, I felt like she got me, I felt like she went out of her way to create the best possible design. and she really listened to what I wanted. I love the outcome of my site. and will definitely use her again for ALL me web-based needs.

Trina Spiller, Graphic Designer

Outlaw Creative took my vision and creatively transformed it into a - completely ME - brand & website!!! More than that Sasha gave me the tools that I needed to be able to manage my own site long term! launch my business to a whole new level! Working with Sasha has been amazing. And I am so grateful to have started my new business with Outlaw Creative by my side.

Heidi Westman, Photographer


  • In the months to come we'll prep you for our workshop, guiding you to compile what you'll need to hit the ground running
  • With only 15 spots you'll have one-on-one attention over the course of 3 days on both sides: the technical and the branding
  • Registration includes breakfast, lunch, swag bags, pre-workshop content and post-workshop content, resource lists for graphic designers and photographers, plus special rates for ongoing one-on-one work with us after the event as you take your site and brand from 1.0 to 2.0




>>> Only 15 spots are available for Live in NYC: May 2-4. Join us now below, using the B-School link if you will also be purchasing B-School through the Dean Street link on Wednesday, February 19th.

>> Can't join us in NYC or on May 2-4? We'd love to hear from you! Please hop on this interest list to let us know which city you'd like us to visit next, and be first in line when we announce our next date.

>> We anticipate we will sell out quickly and announce a second date/location very shortly so don't delay in saving your seat and getting on the waiting list. 


Why do you love Squarespace over Wordpress?

Technology makes me weep. Pretty visuals make me orgasm. I'm just being honest. Building my website was THE HARDEST THING I had to do in starting my business. I had a vision for what I wanted, but couldn't find a Wordpress theme where someone had read my mind. I didn't have the money to hire someone to do the whole thing. And even if I had, I didn't want to get trapped by a website I didn't know how to fix.

1) Squarespace gives me control. It's user friendly even when it comes to design, so I'm not beholden to anyone else.

2) Squarespace makes life pretty. I'm more empowered over my layout and design with zero coding knowledge whatsoever.

What if I already have a website on another platform?

We'll help you switch. Done and done. In 3 days you'll have your website on a platform you know how to use and endless opportunities to expand it over the next year. I know. We're making your dreams come true. You're welcome.

If I already use Squarespace will this be too beginner for me?

Not at all. First of all, I guarantee Sasha will teach you tricks and elements you've yet to discover or master. Plus, we'll be taking all elements of your website to the next level during our time together, and then you'll have Sasha in your back pocket to continue onto version 2.0 and 3.0 of your dream site.  

I suck at technology. Is this workshop going to make me cry?  

Me too, me too! If you told me I was EVER going to teach a website workshop I would have told you I was more likely to play in the WNBA {I'm 5'4"}. That -- is how powerful the combination of Squarespace and Sasha have been in my life. And I am bursting at the seams to introduce you to a world with less tears, less meltdowns, less desire to throw your computer against the wall.

Will there be a graphic designer or photographer present?

No, but we will put you in touch with bettys and dappers we recommend before and afterwards. Our focus is on getting you the technical foundation and the brand clarity to fill it out, so you're then prepare to put the icing on with level 2.0 visuals that are exactly what you want and need. However, Sasha IS a graphic designer! And Hilary will be teaching Photoshop basics. And we'll have a photographer wandering around. So okay, we kind of cover these things. But we're going to help you nail them during, before and after. 

Why should I learn from Sasha & Hilary?

Because we're both teachers at heart, plus creatives, plus successful business women. We're doing what we do full time -- create and design websites; craft brands and copy for entrepreneurs -- together in one weekend intensive. 

I want in! But can't make these dates or this city! Help me!

Of course! Hop on the waiting list. We want to hear where YOU want us to come to next, plus make sure you're first in line.