Politics, Presidents & Debating Style

My handsome VPL co-host Mr Hankster Chen & I teamed up to bring you a timely little cheeky episode on political style. Please place your right hand over your heart, & click to play.

Tell me in the comments: What's your favorite moment in political fashion? I think mine might be Michelle Obama's one-shoulder white dress at the Inauguration. Or Jackie Kennedy's pink suit & pill box hat she was wearing the day JFK was sadly assasinated. Or anytime JFK was on a boat.

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Friday Deadline + Monday Deadline = Make things happen

Your Qs + my As on style + becoming an entrepreneur. At the end is a call to action telling you how to win more fabulous gifts by leaving a comment or spreading the word via social media. {P.S. I do not make cat motions in this video. Contrary to what this screen shot looks like ...} 

LIVE WINNERS! Cory in Virgia won a gem of a bracelet from Darya Links, Patrick who's touring the US won a dapper tie from Everlane, Laura in Australia won a spot in Magical Manifestors by Erin Stutland & Dawn in Texas won the first style session with Dean Street Society!

These goodies are still up for grabs:

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Enter to Win

Tell me, "Who do you want to be three years from today?"

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I'll use Random.org to randomly choose entries from all 3 spots & annouce the winners on FRIDAY! Pre-made in case you want em:

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P.S. Make things happen!

1. Leave a comment, tweet or Facebook "Who do you want to be 3 years from today?" to win the giveaways by FRIDAY!

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How to Pose in Photos + Other Rockette Secrets

This week's episode of VPL dates all the way back to my first professional acting job on the 1st National Tour of the Broadway show "42nd Street". In a hotel room in San Francisco two of my best friends on the road, Jeromy & Clark, taught me how to walk like a beauty pagent contestant. I left that tour to do my first year with the Radio City Rockettes, who have perfected a dance stance called the "bevel". And it was doing yet another theatre show in Boston where my pseudo-brother Topher & I perfected our "hungry" {aka editorial models} stance. Thus, my dears, I bring you almost a decades worth of research into this episode of VPL!

Once again, the pertinent tips when it comes ...


  • People notice when you make the exact same face in every photo that's taken of you. Over time it either looks insecure or self-absorbed. Know your best angles, but also breathe, smile & mix it up.

  • Hand on your hip makes your arm & your waist look smaller. However, when all 5 girls in a photo are posed like this, it looks silly. So sometimes try a slightly bent arm wresting on your leg, clutch your purse handle, etc.

  • Standing in a "bevel" with one knee popped is flattering on your legs, but with the arm & waist thing it can look really pose-y, so try to keep it relaxed.


  • Think about keeping your biceps close to your rib cage & just letting your arms swing below the elbows. It doesn't have to be stiff like I demonstrate. I have a hair stylist client who said she now thinks about this as she walks around her salon & is obsessed with how it makes her feel confident. Especially if you're nervous, it's the sweet spot between having stiff arms or looking flail-y.

  • If you can't easily straighten your knees in your heels, they're too high, & you're going to look like a pre-teen trying to walk in them. Just because designers make them, does not mean you're going to look as strong & lovely in them as you could. Sadly platforms are all the rage right now, so it does take a bit of hunting to find heels that are sexy but sensible.


  • We're real girls. You don't want to look like a mannequin & over-think it. But when you're taking photos at a special event, or walking into a room for a big interview or presentation, these are great tips that can help you look more confident & chic!
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P.S. Want more real life tips? Book a style session with me in person or via Skype! Would love to give you advice tailor made for you, clear your clutter, & help you get clear on your style so you can spend smarter & live more simply. It's hot outside this summer, so let's lighten up & freshen up!

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How to do Non-Matching Bridesmaids

There've been a fair amount of weddings in my world as of late so this episode of VPL is tres appropro. Here's the questions I've been asked as of late & my personal opinions:

1. Can I wear black to a wedding? The only color to not wear to a wedding is white. Anything else is fine. Though as one of the gals we interview in this episode gracefully points out, you don't want to disrespect the bride by being too slutty. I said it. Lots of clevage or leg is tacky at a wedding, unless your bestie is getting married at midnight in Vegas, & then you can ignore me.

2. Can I wear navy to a summer wedding? Color is not seasonal. I wore navy to a wedding last weekend & have no problem with dark colors any time of year for weddings or otherwise. The thing to pay attention to is not color but fabric. It's the fact that your plum dress is in velvet that's going to make it feel inappropriate for the beach in July.

My coordinating-but-not-matching bridesmaids tip is that you should probably match on 2 of these 3: color, fabric & length. Think about what makes the JCrew bridesmaid shoots look so fabulous. You usually see chiffon fabric & knee length dresses ... then they can be wearing 3 different complimentary colors & different necklines. Or perhaps it's a silky fabric all in the same shade of grey ... then they can be wearing 3 different lengths & necklines. It's maddeningly hard to do this if you don't choose dresses from the same designer, & even with the same brand can be hard to negotiate which bridesmaids want which colors & styles. Which, truth be told, is why wedding stylists like moi exist in the first place.

matching bridesmaids 061612.jpeg

And if you disagree with my being morally opposed to matching bridesmaids, I give you Brenda + Kelly's horror at wearing matching black & white dresses to the Homecoming dance on 90210. Look at those icy stares! I rest my case.

Have other questions or thoughts on wedding style? Favorite bad moments of vintage 90210? Can't wait to read em in the comments below!

with grace & gumption, Hilary

P.S. As hilarious as a gay man may be as my co-host, now & then there are topics he struggles with ...

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Swim Suits for your Body Type

In this week's episode of VPL we talk beach bodies & what to wear when you're hitting the pool or the shore. My favorite part of the episode are my tips on how to find the right suit for your body!


Still seeking clarity on how to find a swim suit for your body type? Here's my basic tips:

1. Go against type. Go for balance. As in the Kelly Bensimon example, if you have a masculine body, go for something feminine. As in the Geri Halliwell example, if you're larger on top, balance it out with some volume on the bottom. This goes back to a favorite secret: My Two-Part Fashion Cocktail {first mentioned in this video}: you don't want a cranberry/cranberry or straight vodka. So whatever you've already got going on naturally, seek a suit that offers/adds/plays up the opposite.

2. We see the parts. Everyone else see the whole. When you look in the mirror you see the fleshy bit between your bossom & your arm pit & how far down your theighs touch each other. Next time you're looking in the dressing room mirror, squint your eyes a little bit. See how the details disappear & you just see the essence of the shape & the color/aesthetic? That's how everyone else sees you. As universal as it is to get stuck seeing on our insecurities, the truest test of how you really look is steping outside yourself & consider the whole of your look.

Do you have questions about your body shape? Thoughts to share about your experiences in swim suit shopping? Leave them in the comments below!

with grace & gumption,


P.S. And if you're pregnant. Apparently Hank has a fool-proof way for you to make sure you keep your bump covered & totally incognito.



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