February Instagram Style Challenge

Love, the #StyleMe Instagram Challenge is back with #StyleMeFebruary! And in this month o' love these prompts are extra especially about celebrating our beauty, bodies and confidence.

If this is your first time to join us, here's the no-rules-principals:

1. There are no rules. Join for one day or hold yourself accountable to all 28. Whatever works best for you. But don't opt-out of this free inspiration because you've decided you have to do it perfectly! Progress over perfection, m'dear.

2. Each day let the prompt inspire you to see your closet with fresh eyes. If you don't have something that's quite right, get creative! Do the opposite, use an accessory, etc.

3. Try not to shop. If one of the prompts points out a hole in your closet that you'd really love to fill, that's one thing. But my heart is that we make better use of the closets we've already invested in, rather than an urge to buy more.

4. Snap a self-photo and share it on Instagram using #StyleMeFeb and/or elsewhere on social or your blog.

5. Encourage beauty. The Dean St bettys are one of the kindest groups on the interwebs. Be generous with your likes and your words of affirmation, sharing only positivity and words that will make one another authentically glow.



Now get generous and help spread the free stylish word! Share this graphic on Pinterest, Instagram, create a blog post and invite your readers to join you while getting to know you better daily.

Can't wait to celebrate us all being more captivating, creative and authentically confident together this month!

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P.S. Just last week at Alt Summit I met two of the #StyleMe bettys who said these months had made a big impact on their lives.

E shared that when her husband was in the hospital this fall it was this challenge, it's inspiration and accountability, that helped her get out of bed each day.

C confided that at four months pregnant she wasn't loving her heavier-but-no-bump-yet body and this creativity helped her to love getting dressed at a time when she was loathing it.

A few weeks earlier, I was tagged on Instagram by a betty in Seattle meeting up with two London gals she'd met through the challenge.

I'm overwhelmed by the goodness that comes from what looks at first glance like a simple graphic. There's power in inspiration, creativity and community. Join us ...

December Holiday Instagram Challenge

Of all the months of the #StyleMe Instagram Closet Challenge, I confess that last December's was my favorite! I took extra liberties of creativity and cheekiness, playing off holiday words, and put a festive spin on the prompts from day one. I hope you have just as magical a time this year!

New to the #StyleMe challenge?

1. There are no rules. I loathe rules, I love principles. 

2. This is about getting creative with and inspired by the clothes and closet you already own, so try not to shop. Did you know most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time? Well, when left to our own devices that is. But #StyleMe is one of those tricks to shake things up! Confused on a day? Use your imagination and interpret it however you like!

3. Play one day or 30. I get so prickly when I see people write on Instagram, "Oh I can never stick with these things". Who said you have to do 30 days or stick with anything? Not I, my friend. One day of inspiration is better than none, right? So give yourself the challenge of discipline or the freedom to come and go. This is about what most inspires and empowers YOU.

4. Encourage beauty. A Dean St betty is all about authentically affirming those around her, so follow along with the hashtag #StyleMeDecember sharing likes and sweet comments with your fellow bettys. I can't tell you how many times I hear someone write, "Y'all are making my day with these compliments! Thank you!" It's so easy to make another person feel lovely and seen with just a few taps on your keyboard.


Now go forth and share this stylish free gift as an early holiday present!

Instagram it, Pin it, Tweet it, Facebook it, email it to your mom and your sister, share it in a blog post and invite your readers to join in, even add the jpg to your sidebar + link back to this post. 

Print and tape it to your mirror and this can also be your advent calendar counting down to those morning pajamas on the 25h ...

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November Instagram Challenge

Once upon a time I told my 50-something friend Tree that she looked beautiful in a certain purple dress. Months later she mentioned, "You know, you told me I looked nice in my purple dress one time and I think about that everytime I put it on." I almost wanted to cry.

Our words are so powerful.

As a stylist I'm aware of the power I have to change someone's perception of themselves. I get emails from clients and students telling me how often they've thought of something I said and how much it's buoyed their confidence. That power is a bit addictive and I confess that I now speak compliments far more often to strangers on the street or a woman I'm standing behind in line.

You have the power to make people around you, friends or strangers, feel more beautiful for who they are both on the outside and the inside, with your words.

Yet I confess in the bustle of daily life, being afraid I'll sound awkward, thinking it but not saying or doing it -- I miss far too many opportunities. Before the swirl of the holidays, and as here in the States we head towards Thanksgiving and a season of gratitude, Anna of In Honor of Design and I are thrilled to bring back #EncourageBeauty and a month of seeing and celebrating what matters most.




#EncourageBeauty is 30 days in which we celebrate and are grateful for our own beauty and that of those around us.

Some days will be a prompt about how you look such as "Confident in Color" -- share a photo of your own happy ensemble that day that day, post a pic of someone else who looks gorgeous in color, make a point to keep your eyes open for a friend or stranger who looks gorgeous in colorwho you could compliment. Do one, two or all three.

Other days like "Tweetspiration" you can go at-reply someone with a compliment, tweet out a compliment, screengrab that tweet and share it on Instagram. Do one, two or all three. {We'll be over on Instagram at @HilaryRushford and @InHonorOfDesign getting inspired by what you share!}

In general, there are no rules but to encourage earnestly, encourage often, encourage yourself, encourage others, because courage begets courage, and beauty begets beauty.




Share your challenges with us daily on Instagram or Twitter. Blog about them. Print the above calendar and tape it to your desk at work or the mirror you put your makeup on in at home. Share this with a friend and hold each other accountable. 

When we hosted the first #EncourageBeauty in March, Anna and I were blown away and so moved by how ardently some bettys took up this challenge and the powerful experiences they shared as they blogged about it.

Just think, if every Dean St and IHOD betty were to do this, and everyone we encouraged then paid it forward ... You could be walking down the street and be encouraged by an IHOD betty not even knowing that she too was on the same mission this month to #EncourageBeauty. Delovely. Oh and we've got some sweet little graphics to inspire and share throughout the month, so steal the quote above for your desktop background or Instagram it, and Anna has another for you in her post.

So are you in, lady? Mission #EncourageBeauty starts Friday ...


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October Instagram Challenge

I am giddy to announce that we are back this month with #StyleMeOctober! 

If this is your first time to join us for a #StyleMe challenge, it's a month of stylish daily inspiration to help you see your closet with fresh eyes and jump start your pre-coffee creativity.

All while making new friends and soaking in new inspiration as part of our encouraging #StyleMe bettys community. Instagram is the main place we hang out, but you'll also find the hashtag being shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

Oh and it's FREE!



Here's how it works:

1. Save the calendar above on your phone, or print and tape it to your mirror. Use the prompt each day to inspire you to "wear, try or be" something from your wardrobe.

2. Snap a photo and share via Instagram {or Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest} using #StyleMeOctober.

3.  There are no rules. If you're stressed out by commitment, you don't have to do it every day. If you like to finish something beginning to end {Type-A hand raised high thankyouverymuch} use this community as your daily accountability to be creative and remarkable from the 1st to the 31st. Either way, try not to buy anything new for this challenge. If this uncovers a genuine hole in your closet that's one thing -- this isn't about a spending freeze -- but I hope it encourages you to make better use of and rediscover what you already have, rather than crave to buy more.

Cannot wait to be inspired by you this month and get to know you and your style better! 


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P.S. Spread the love! With just one click you can share this free gem on Pinterest. And if you follow me on Instagram @HilaryRushford you can head over there and re-gram it right now.

Who's going to be thankful for you every morning when they get dress? Every betty who finds this gift thanks to you! {wink}

May Instagram Challenge

Bettys we are back! So excited to be bringing you another free month of style inspiration with #StyleMeMay. Do you spend forever trying to decide what to wear in the morning? Stare glassy-eyed at your closet uninspired & overwhelmed by the amount of stuff crammed in there? Yet still feel you've nothing to wear? Well this month, I've got your back.

How to Be a #StyleMe Betty

  1. Print or save the calendar in a spot where you can see it at night or in the morning
  2. Use the prompt of something to "wear, try or be" to get creative in your closet
  3. Snap a quick self-pic & share it with the #StyleMe Bettys on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #StyleMeMay

Why #StyleMe Makes You Smarter

Our brains create grooves, pathways that save us brain energy. Thus, you find yourself always pairing that top with that skirt. It takes more energy to get creative. But without creativity, we get bored in our closets. Which leaves us feeling a) poorly about how we look or b) like we need to shop & buy more. Yet creativity first thing in the morning before coffee can be exhausting! So now you have a creative jumpstart, for free, to help you leave the house feeling better & with less of a desire to buy more. After all, you're a Dean Street Betty. You're smarter than the average cookie & not going to let some little brain grooves get in your way of shining.


----->   P.S. Pin the calendar to "Pinterest" & share this awesome free goodness for all!  <-----

How to Be a Generous Friend

  1. Spread this free month of stylish goodness! Email this post to a friend, or share it on Facebook or Twitter!
  2. If you're a blogger you can also join the crew by adding one of the #StyleMe Bettys buttons at the bottom of this post to your blog sidebar.

Can't wait to see what's in your wardrobe just waiting to be discovered this month!

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