Style Your Shape, Shape Your Life

For those bettys on Honor Society {if you're not there, join us!} you've heard my heart over the last month about the power of a program called Live More, Weigh Less.

Weight, self-image, body image, physical insecurities are the #1 thing every single one of my clients from size 0 to 24 struggles with. I receive emails every week if not every day with confessions so personal, painful and precious that it's become clear to me I need to do more to help.

Not only help you to have more confidence through your style and the power to flatter your figure at the size you are right now, but also why we have these feelings -- to work from both the outside in and the inside out.

Which is why I've been so blessed to become friends with Sarah Jenks who helps women from the inside out. I'm a guest expert in her program and I confess that the power of these two tools together -- the outside and inside -- is what I think leads to true deep authentic honest confidence.


{Sarah and I had breakfast in the park near my house this morning. She's one of my favorite gals!} 

That's why I've committed to not only introducing the Dean St Bettys to Sarah, but to personally gifting a FREE one-on-one session with me to every woman who signs up via the Dean St link

Inside out and outside in -- there's a deeper level of happiness, authentic confidence and true joy that's within your grasp this fall. The doors close at 8pm EST tonight. I cannot wait to celebrate those of you who join us at this party and this new level of life.
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Betty, Meet Clementine

Betty, I have a brand new friend for you. I've been waiting forever to introduce you!

Over the summer I alluded to two magical things that happened as a result of attending the Alt Summit Conference last January. One, was that pinch-me moment of being featured in the September issue of Better Homes & Gardens. The second, was meeting one of the most profesh & heartfelt women I've known in the blogging world: Miss Erin Loechner

This summer Erin asked me to be the Style Editor for her newest creation, Clementine Daily.  

{Spoiler alert: I could not have said yes fast enough hoping she wouldn't change her mind & ask someone fancier!}


Clementine Daily is a conversation between an savvy & creative group of women about how to live life a bit more lovely, a touch more sweetly but always authentically. If the manifesto doesn't make you fall in love I don't know what will! {click to view larger}

I so often wish I had endless time to create new content for you hear on Dean Street Society. There's so many ideas & inspiration I want to share with you! So I'm just giddy to be able to have this new spot, once a week, to bring you a totally different type of content than I share here on Dean St. Double the lovely, double the style. {click to view larger}

Now head on over & meet Clementine! And be sure to subscribe to the goodness while you're there.  

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P.S. For those of in Honor Society who heard that I'm coming to Chicago, the Clementine launch party is why! And I would L-O-V-E to meet you! Subscribe to to Clementine to get the news & hop on the party list as it's sure to fill up! Hello Chi-town ...

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Be Kind for Everyone You Meet ...

Last week Anna of In Honor of Design & I introduced you to #EncourageBeauty. {Did you grab the calendar, manifestos & desktop/iPhone backgrounds here?}

Personally, the main thing that stood out to me in this first week is how often I hear those around me encouraging beauty! It became a joke one night when my friend Laurel told me, "You look so pretty!" just as I was opening my mouth to say the same. Rachel laughingly exclaimed, "She stole your Encourage Beauty!" What I love is that we can take it for granted when we DO hear encouragement around us. And I've been grateful for this reminder of how affirming & inspiring to one another the people around me naturally are.


{P.S. These darling graphics were designed by Anna & she's got another one for you on her blog. The coral one above is my new iPhone background!}

To remind you to encourage beauty this week, share & save this graphic of one of my all-time favorite quotes: "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle". This has resonated with me for a while, but more acutely these past 6 months. That's come from a Tuesday night dinner group I joined about 9 months where we get very open & honest about what's happening in our lives once a week. And also instarting my column for IFB 4 months ago & engaging the discusssion of what we see & share online, & how it compares to our & one another's real lives. With every passing week I'm reminded more & more of how many challenges, insecurities, fears & vulnerabilities there are around me. Which helps me to be more gracious. But also, truth be told, helps me to feel less alone & more in the midst of togetherness.

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P.S. One week from today, I'm flying to London! Do you know any British bettys or dappers to spread the word to? I'm always up for guest posts, photo shoots, new clients & new online friends!

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A Sparkly New Year

Hello m'dears. My New Year's Eve was absolutely marvelous. Thanks to the recommend of my friend Charlotte from Betty Magazine, I attended a 200 person 5-course communal dinner at a pop-up called the Disappearing Dining Club. Everyone chats with the parties on either side of them, shares bottles of wine, wanders over to other tables & sits down to introduce themselves. Old friends & new friends; people you friended on Facebook the next day & people you'll never see again. Followed by dancing until 5 in the morning with my Brit, Aussie & Kiwi friends. A truly communal, global & oh so fun way to ring in a new year!


Now however I'm under the weather & spending my last few days in London being cozy & squeezing in a bit of final time with friends. So today's style post will make an appearance next week. In the meantime, wishing you a new year filled with marvelous all-night adventures & quite cozy afternoons alike. I for one quite literally left a trail of vintage sequins from west  to east to north London & back, including all over my flat, so my cable knit socks are still rocking a bit of disco in the light of the Christmas tree.

And dear Disappearing Dining Club, please throw a party in Brooklyn, New York. The chance to strike up genuine conversation with strangers is too few & far between.

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P.S. What did you do on New Year's Eve? If you made any New Year's resolutions about taking some area of your life to the next level, making better use of your time, simplifying your life ... "Style & Styleability" starts on January 20th!

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Asking the Good Questions in 2012

If you follow me on Instagram you know I sometimes post the questions that I'm musing that day. They're often when I'm sitting at church, though whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, each one is a question you can ask within your own context.

Back in January I decided that instead of New Year's resolutions, I was going to have a quote & a mission statement for the year. I'm not great at "pass/fail" things. I'm too hard on myself. But an idea, an essence, an encouragement -- is totally me. Thus 2012 was:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Life the life you have imagined." by Thoreau + "Make things happen & love people well"

These questions throughout the year all speak to that: To living who you are fully meant to me, growing, shining, delighting, balancing. While also loving those around you as well as you can, remembering that we're all imperfect together. Here's a few of my favorites from my Instagram feed this year ...


If one or more of these speak to you, drag em off from this post onto your desktop & save them to your phone to think about next time you're in a long line or on a quiet car ride. Answer one in the comments below. Answer it over on your blog & leave the link here so I can come read it! 

Here's to asking more fabulous questions & crafting more truthful & brilliant answers together in 2013 ...

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P.S. Just 4 days until enrollement opens for "Style & Styleability"! Mark your calendars for this Sunday December 30th to nab your spot right away!

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