Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Style

January tis the season for reinvention. New year, new you and all that jazz. Yet I confess that the idea of sweeping changes and makeovers often leaves me feeling overwhelmed: Where to begin? Where to end? How to afford it? How to find the time?

If you lept into 2014 with visions of a refreshed, next level you dancing in your head, allow me to propose an idea: Big Small Changes.

For me, that's been with my health and wellness. During my first 2.5 years in business, I confess that I have sacrificed that area of my life. I don't have time to work out, eat on the go, push push push. So I'm focusing on the smallest changes, that will make the biggest impact. I got a membership at a gym with fun classes, but passed on the personal trainer for now. I bought a NutriBullet to make nutrient rich smoothies first thing in the morning, but am not trying to change my eating habits beyond that for now.

If you're looking to implement a few of those Big Small Changes when it comes to your personal style, I've teamed up with the Home Shopping Network {they've got a Pinterest contest happening right now!} to bring you 7 ideas. No giant closet purge, no massive shopping spree, just a few affordable ideas to add a little refreshment to who you're showing up as in 2014. Read on ...



1. Pop in Jewel Tones: When you head out to shop next, focus on color. It's an instant way to look happier, more welcoming and more confident. Jewel tones are my favorite as they look most chic for any age or style, and all mix well together when you're ready to pair and layer them. {Try: Cobalt Dress from HSN $59

2. Layer Up: Speaking of layers, this trick is why the JCrew catalogue always looks so marvelous. The don't just stop at a shirt, but add vests or cardigans above, a collar or a hem peeking out below. {Try: Fur Trim Cape from HSN $168}

3. Sparkle in Statements: The fastest way to make a simple black top a remarkable ensemble is with a chunky statement necklace or a fistful of fabulous bracelets. Golds, diamondy gems and pearls are my favorite as they look classy and go with everything. {Pictured: Crystal and Pearl Bib from HSN $59}

4. Kick-up Your Kicks: A killer pair of shoes makes a classic pair of jeans look fancy. When you're on the hunt, look for something you can wear with tights and a pencil skirt for work, a flirty dress for night and jeggings on the weekend. {Pictured: Gold Ankle Boots from HSN $125}

5. Play with Patterns: Mixing patterns is one of those style blogger tricks that makes for visually captivating ensembles. Stripes are the easiest as they partner well with everything from florals to polka dots to checks, and the neutral colors in animal print mean it works with any color in your closet. {Try: Animal Print Scarf from HSN $39}

6. Get All Grown-Up: A ladylike handbag keeps you looking professional and top notch even when you're sporting a top-knot and slouchy sweater. A neutral bag goes with everything and can be a daily staple that makes it worth a higher-price tag investment. {Pictured: Leather Tote from HSN $395}

7. Be Bold with Lips: For sleepy mornings and uninspired days, a bright pink or red lip is my secret weapon to feeling awake and pulled together. Plus, it's the #1 thing that makes you look gorgeous in photos if you're headed to a party or event. {Pictured: Trish McEvoy Lipstick from HSN $28}


Now it's time to take action! Heading into February, which one of these tips can you add to your Make It Happen list to shake up the winter grays into something that wows?

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A Very Vintage Holiday

Utterly delighted to be stopping by Glitter Guide today to share a little inspiration on How to Wear Vintage for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

First of all, wear your party coat! Or cape, as it may be. And your party hat. Those vintage showstoppers you're too self-conscious to wear to the office? Wear them en route to grandmother's house.

Want to see what's under the cape? Head on over to Glitter Guide to see my darling dress and hear my tips for shopping and styling  vintage ...


Shop this Style { Red Wool Cape : Vintage : Similar, Similar + Similar | Blue Velvet Cloiche Hat : Vintage : Similar + Similar | Black + White Patterned Dress : Vintage : Similar + Similar | Blue Suede Heels : Jessica Simpson } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela 


Sadly the weather plummeted this week in Brooklyn. I walked so far in this cape, aka sans protective hood, in what I later learned was ten degree weather with 30 mph winds ... when i met my friends I did not have the use of my mouth to form human words.

I looked and sounded like I had just come from dental surgery. That m'dears, is sacrificing for style.

Thus, I'm afraid my darling Little Red has been retired for the year. But smitten I got to show her off here today!

Wherever you're celebrating this week I hope you're surrounded by love. I'm insane to be hosting Thanksgiving here on Dean St for a dozen friends just 19 days before my book launches ... but if you can't bask in the company of people you love in the midst of hustling, then your entrepreneurial cocktail is too strong, right? {wink}

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One New Season on Dean St, Two New Choices for You!

Love, I've got a question that I would love for you to answer:

Do you come to Dean Street Society for style? Or do you come for business inspiration?

Are you more passionate about dressing in a way that makes you feel radiant? Or building a business that makes you feel radiant?

Or both?

Some Dean Street bettys have come across my style blog, desiring a more educated style, and think, "Why the heck is Hilary talking about her business? Why is her first book about entrepreneurship and not style?"

Many others have crossed my path because you're fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers who don't just want to pick my brain about style, but about small business, branding and blogging wondering, "Gah, why is the weekly blog post only ever about style? Why can't she share more about how to build a business like hers?

Whichever camp you're in, watch this video I made for Honor Society to hear how I'm restructuring to serve you more. You're invited to choose your own adventure. Telegrams or cocktails or both? 


Ready for the next choose your own adventure? You're the first to hear the title of my new book... {insert drumroll} ...

 The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail!

Why is it a choose your own adventure format? What are the four parts of the cocktail? How can you join me for Camp Cocktail in January? 

All those gems plus extra teaching from me that you can get access to weeks before the December 17th launch, will be happening in Sunday Happy Hours so join us now!


Whether it's 2-Part Fashion Cocktails or 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktails that you're passionate about, I want you to be a part of Honor Society so I can help you most.

Can't wait to see how much brighter you can shine, in style and/or in business, this fall and beyond ...


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Smart Foxy Style

One of the most common style fears I hear is, "How do make sure I'm dressing age-appropriate?"

You know my answer always goes back to the 2-Part Fashion Cocktail: Add enough sophisticated voda or kicky cranberry, and you can balance many pieces out to feel not too immature nor too matronly.

Case in point, my new cheeky fox sweater. Could a 12-year-old wear this? Totally. Thus I gave her a bit of polish by layering her over a button-down, kept it figure-flattering in a pair of skinny cigarette jeans, and a bit fashion forward with some black and white polka dots, tangerine heels, and chunky bracelets. And I wore glasses. Because that means you have to take me seriously. Even if I'm wearing a sweater with a fox who is also wearing glasses.



Shop this Style { Fox Sweater : Old Navy | Black + White Polka Dot Blouse : Urban Outfitters : Similar | Cigarette Jeans : JCrew  | Tangerine Heels : Next : Similar | Tortoise Shell Glasses : c/o Benji Frank : Similar | Gold Bracelets : JCrew + Vintage : Similar + Similar } + Brooklyn Photography by Kat Harris of The Refined Woman


How marvelous is fall in Brooklyn right now? I think my tangerine heels look even cuter against a sidewalk backdrop of fall leaves. Also marvelous, my gorgeous photographer friend Kat Harris who took these shots and only laughed at me in moderation for my early failed attempts at leaf throwing.

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P.S. Big news is coming tomorrow ... the title of my book! And a new way for you to get all the inside scoop from now until the December 17th {my birthday!} launch date! 

Fall Florals

As you know, I'm not big into rules. No white after Labor Day, no double denim, this color is "too wintery", this dress is "too summery" -- toss 'em all out.

It all goes back to the principle, the 2-Part Fashion Cocktail: You can wear anything you want to wear, if you add the right vodka or cranberry to perfectly balance it.

Last spring I lived in Cambridge, England for a month {house-sitting for my darling friend Briony} and packed expecting sunshine, only to be met with freezing temperatures. The weatherman was still in winter, while my heart was oh so in spring that I could not get enough of floral. Pinterest, magazines, catalogues, I was craving it like water, so ready for a change of season. So I purchased this maxi skirt to get my fix. and then promptly layered it with a tee, blouse, sweater, fur collar, tights, leggings and socks. 

You can wear a summer/spring print like floral in fall/winter, as long as you balance it out with some cold weather pairings. Chunky boots and warm layers and voila, this light fabric and floral print is wearable all year round.

So as the temperature starts to drop, don't put away your pastel, flowy, floral favorites. Add some winter vodka to anchor it and you'll be chic all season long. 


Shop this Style { Cream Cableknit Sweater : Forever 21 : Similar | Floral Maxi Skirt : Primark : Similar | Fur Collar : borrowed : Similar | White Necklace : Ann Taylor : Similar | Tan Boots : DSW : Similar | Gray Hobo Bag : Melie Bianco : Similar | Gold Watch : boutique : Similar }

 Punting {riding in the above boats} down the River Cam is one of the most charming activities and I highly recommend it! Actually if you read Briony's blog you'll know all of Cambridge is charming! Also, this is the debut of my Dad on Dean Street Society! I was raised by Anglophiles {aka lovers-of-all-things-British} so thankfully historical boat rides, used book stores and a tea room were all on the docket this day back in April. Oh my, now I want to go back ...


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