My Most Dramatic Before and After: Myself

I often get asked why I don't show "before and after" photos of my styling clients. The truth is, I just don't love the idea of focusing on someone's before, when they were anything less that gorgeous and confident.

But today I'm unveiling my most dramatic before and after ever: myself.

Click here for more embarassing photos. And then let's never discuss them again, shall we? {wink}

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How Do You Feel About Your Style?

That's the question we posed to alums of our Style & Styleability class. The stories they shared make me cry every gosh darn time! Watch their stories now. I dare you not to smile and be inspired. {wink}

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An Educated Style

One of my favorite things about Brooklyn is how it can feel so different around one corner or another. There are parts of Clinton Hill that feel like Savannah, Georgia and spots in Park Slope that feel like you've wandered onto an ivy league campus.

I love that same diversity in my style. I love to be surprised, empowered -- to take a velvet bow top and a knee length skirt, and make them feel a little edgy because the top is cropped and the skirt leather; to wear a high neck and a low hem but keep it fresh with a modern purse, kicky heels and loads of bangles.

You, should be empowered over your closet: know what to mix, how to change a shape, shift a feeling or essence. The ability to create your own fashion cocktail daily, a little stronger tomorrow and a bit sweeter yesterday.

The classiest style, is an educated style. No matter your body type, budget, or taste -- it's knowledge that let's you shine. Style class, known here on Dean Street as Style & Styleability, is open for the first time in 2014. Smart has never looked so chic. Join us today.

Shop this Style { Black velvet bow top : Vintage : Similar + Similar | White leather midi skirt : Asos : Similar | Black, white + gold heels : c/o Seychelle : Similar + Similar | Great Gatsby clutch : Kate Spade : Similar + Similar | Gold bangles + rings : JCrew, vintage + Moorea Seal : Similar + Similar } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela

P.S. If you haven't soaked in the FREE video series do so today! It's only live for a limited time.

Then be sure to save your seat inside Style & Styleability before the doors close on Tuesday May 27th!

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The Truth About Why Style Is So Hard

Right now as we're in the middle of our FREE 3 Steps to Simplified Style video series, so many bettys are hitting reply on my emails to let me know what they're struggling with in their style and one of the most repeating themes is "I don't know how to dress for my body ... for my height, my changed shape, my weight loss, my problem area".

And while not an instant answer, my reply is always, "When you think about all the diversity that exists in every single area we're trying to get into one pair of pants or a dress ... calves, knees, thighs, hips, stomachs, derrieres, waists, rib cages, busts, shoulders ... it's a marvel any of us can find clothing at mass retailers!"

I feel like we're frustrated, because no one ever pointed out "You are so unique, we are all so unique, that finding clothes that fit us like a glove is no easy task!" And so we expect it to be easier, and feel we must have an especially complicated shape when it's not.

The good news is, there are some universal principles that make all this easier. Understanding fit, proportion, fabric, shapes ... there are elements that, again, no one ever taught us, that can make this whole process easier. And those are what I teach inside Style & Styleabiltity {the doors are opening May 15 and only open till May 27 so pop your email in here to get the news!}.

Just a couple of years ago I would not have believed you that I could wear this charming outfit below. I would have worried the color was wrong on me, the top too low cut, would have been looking for a different cut of skirt and thus found it more unflattering, thought I couldn't wear midi length ... if only you could peek inside my head at how self-conscious I used to be and the wild transformation I've made since becoming a stylist.

I can't wait to share that same journey with you.  I so hope you can join us inside Style & Styleability when the doors open!

Shop this Style { Coral long-sleeve : Asos | Pink midi skirt : Asos | Peacock Heels : Dorothy Perkins : Similar + Similar | Polka dot clutch : Accessorize : Similar } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela

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Make New Friends With Your Style

I put her on for church and thought, "Is she too much? The volume? The color?"

So I did my best to tone her town. Simple grey long-sleeved tee, casual hair and makeup.

I was afraid of looking like I was calling for attention. You know the fear? Afraid less people would talk to me because they were secretly thinking, "Who does she think she is?"

But I teach women how to dress with more confidence. And I walk the walk by taking risks myself. So I left the house for church.

I have never met more new people on a Sunday.

Women crossed the room to compliment me, paid me hushed compliments in line for communion.

And each time I'd say, "Oh, thank you! What's your name? How long have you been going here for? What brought you to New York?"

And suddenly the conversations weren't about me, or my skirt, or anyone's clothes for that matter. But my skirt had opened the door for conversation. It's remarkable -- worthy of remarking upon -- so people remarked, and I slipped right in and kept the conversation going.

Can your closet make you more friends? More likeable, approachable, warm, engaging? I see it happen in my own life all the time. 

Boldness, it turns out, is kindness.


Shop this Style { Floral blouse: Old Navy : Similar | Chartreuse Midi Skirt : c/o Choies | Tan heels: DSW : Similar | Gold rings : c/o Moorea Seal, Style Lately } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela


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