What Love’s Got To Do With It



I swooned immediately. They’re my favorite color. Peacock blue! But multiple sizes too big.

As love does, I was blinded. After confirming they didn’t have more in the store, in any store, or online, I kept them anyway.

I took them to my trust tailor who doesn’t speak much English but communicated enough to say, “These are too big. Take them back and get another size.”

He didn’t understand. They were my faaavorite color and the only ones!

So he obliged and did an excellent job. Though now the pockets are too high, or shallow, anyhow one can’t put their hands into them casually, maybe a thumb at best. But we make concessions for love.


[ top, shoes, clutch, hat: anthropologie // pants: nordstrom // sunglasses: ann taylor loft // photography: Katie Mitchell // location: paris, france]

And when I see myself in these photos, they’re really not that flattering. Rather a lot of pleating and fabric around the middle. Yet while they may not be societies definition of the perfect specimen, they still bring me joy.

Which is, as ever, the most important thing when it comes to our style — does it bring you joy?

And yes, a tailor is a celebrity’s secret to chic. It’s pricey to do it all the time, but well worth the investment for a piece you know you’ll love and wear for some time.

Though like a good girlfriend I should warn you, you can only change a man or a garment so much. But if it ends up with a few oddities, yet feels wonderfully your own, then it might be your perfectly imperfect love story.

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