Cultivating Quiet Confidence


There’s a paradox in my style: the more I’ve learned to dress my shape*, the less I’ve felt the need to.

Years ago I would never have worn this outfit, one that doesn’t show off my shape. The top is wide, the skirt full, there’s no waist. It adds volume instead of flattering any of the feminine curves we find flattering when defined. And most of the time that’s still what I enjoy, how I dress, the outfits I put together.

Yet my experiences as a stylist have lead to unexpected emotional healing and freedom. I have so much more peace and less insecurity about my body, having listened to so many beautiful women share their inner monologues and realizing we all see ourselves so much more harshly than we are.

Honest translation: I don’t always need to look the thinnest I can in an outfit anymore to feel beautiful.

*Scroll down for a free workshop I teach on this

[ top, skirt, purse: anthropologie // necklace: paisley + sparrow // shoes: boutique, france // hat: street vendor, france // photography: katie mitchelle // location: paris, france ]

These shifts didn’t just happen though. I’ve done a lot of work to heal my heart and develop an educated style. I have a free workshop called How to Dress Your Shape (+ other style secrets no one ever taught you) if you want to learn the principles I still employ myself today in 90% of my outfits. They’ve allowed me to shop less, buy more wisely, and feel more joyful in the clothes I already own.

The result of learning to dress with intention, to enjoy the journey towards feeling more beautiful, is an inner freedom so marvelous it feels like my soul is relaxing in the sunshine in Paris. (wink)

If your heart feels heavy, stormy or gray around your beauty, welcome. It’s my heart to show you it doesn’t have to be that way and how to make it possible. Start here.

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