Who do you want to be in 3 years?

Once upon a time, there was a girl wearing a required uniform of polyester polo shirt and orthopedic shoes, on her feet for 16 hour days, promising herself this would be the last mindless insulting job she would ever work because unbeknownst to anyone she had just launched a styling business called Dean Street Society. 

{My first photo shoot that launched the blog.}

Once upon a time was 3 years ago today.

Happy 3rd birthday Dean Street Society! Read more about my story from a Broadway tour to a steamy industrial kitchen in this post I wrote last year on my 2nd birthday. 

Then get ready for a month of birthday celebrations!

  • We want to hear from you for the 1st time ever in an all-bettys survey and we've got fun prizes along the way. Coming soon ...
  • I'll be interviewed by my smartypants friend Anne Samoilov to share the story of the last 3 years and you can join us live. Coming soon ...
  • Best of all, I can think of no better gift to share with you than our award-winning* free video series "3 Steps to Simplified Style" so I'm smitten to announce: Style & Styleability is back! Class starts October 15th, with our free video series kicking off September 18th

*Alright so we didn't literally win any awards, but that's what all the emails and Instagram comments of love, joy, delight and aha moments felt like!


S&S is back.jpg


So pencil us into your social calendar, darling! Then pause for just a moment and ask yourself:

Where and who do you want to be 3 years from now?

It's one of my favorite questions.

3 years feels just far enough to dream big, and just close enough to taste the reality and see the path there.

And today it's especially poignant because 3 years ago I never imagined this would be true:

  • 2 full-time employees {Jess & Diana} who are insanely talented
  • The Dean Street Studio to work from
  • Our first 6-figure year in revenue
  • Wrote a book
  • Worked from Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara, Cambridge UK, London, Puerto Rico, the Hamptons {travel is a major life value for me}
  • Interviewed as a success story by Marie Forleo, featured in Better Homes & Garden Magazine, speaker at Altitude Design Summit, on-camera host for Hearst Media, styled photo shoots in the Hamptons and Nantucket
  • Dear friends who are talented colleagues I turn to for both business and personal advice on the regular

Those things sound fancy. And they are! {Cue Iggy Azalea.} And I would never in a million years have believed you if you'd told me they would happen in the first 3 years.

So dream big, betty. I believe in fancy.

Nor could I have imagined how much hard work it would take, how many tears, anxiety attacks, how little sleep. But I can't imagine anything bringing me more joy or fulfillment.

So hustle hard for the things that matter, m'dear.

And whether in your style, business or life -- from the bottom of my heart -- I'm here to help you have more authentic confidence and deep joy.

Let's write your "once upon a time" this fall ...


P.S. Remember, save the dates:  September 18 video series launches, October 15 class begins ...

P.S.S. Have a friend you think would love my free video series? Send 'em here today!

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