July Instagram Challenge

Quick, what are you wearing on Tuesday?

Pre-coffee when you're running late and so wish you could just throw on what you wore yesterday again? No worries, love. I've got you covered for every morning in July with #StyleMeJuly!

If you're new {welcome!} it's a free month of daily style prompts to help you see your closet with fresh eyes and spark creativity in the morning.

Here's what alums have to say:


Print the calendar out and tape it in your closet or save it to your phone. 

Some bettys pin it up at their desk and colleagues come by to see what tomorrow's prompt is.



Then here's how it works:

1. There are no rules. Play for just 1 day or all 31.

2. Let the daily prompt inspire you in getting dressed. Don't have something that works? Get creative! Do the opposite, borrow, accessorize.

3. Put a pause on shopping. Or at least prioritize being creative with what you own and invest wisely.

4. Take a pic daily and share on Instagram using #StyleMeJuly. And on your blog or other social media.

5. Encourage beauty. Be generous with your likes and words of affirmation to your fellow Dean St bettys, the sweetest gals around.

A sneak peek that next month we'll be taking this challenge to the next level, so join the style side of Honor Society today to get the news first in your inbox!

Can't wait to see you looking lovely this month, lady.



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You can even cut and paste this description:

Thrilled that @HilaryRushford is back hosting #StyleMeJuly! Follow her, re-pin + click through for how to join in!

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