Make New Friends With Your Style

I put her on for church and thought, "Is she too much? The volume? The color?"

So I did my best to tone her town. Simple grey long-sleeved tee, casual hair and makeup.

I was afraid of looking like I was calling for attention. You know the fear? Afraid less people would talk to me because they were secretly thinking, "Who does she think she is?"

But I teach women how to dress with more confidence. And I walk the walk by taking risks myself. So I left the house for church.

I have never met more new people on a Sunday.

Women crossed the room to compliment me, paid me hushed compliments in line for communion.

And each time I'd say, "Oh, thank you! What's your name? How long have you been going here for? What brought you to New York?"

And suddenly the conversations weren't about me, or my skirt, or anyone's clothes for that matter. But my skirt had opened the door for conversation. It's remarkable -- worthy of remarking upon -- so people remarked, and I slipped right in and kept the conversation going.

Can your closet make you more friends? More likeable, approachable, warm, engaging? I see it happen in my own life all the time. 

Boldness, it turns out, is kindness.


Shop this Style { Floral blouse: Old Navy : Similar | Chartreuse Midi Skirt : c/o Choies | Tan heels: DSW : Similar | Gold rings : c/o Moorea Seal, Style Lately } + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela


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