May Style Instagram Challenge

Betty, it's that time again: here's our next #StyleMe calendar!

I asked you and the Dean St Bettys for help with the prompts and received such brilliant ideas we have an entirely "tribe created" month of inspiration.

Joining us for the first time? Here's the simple no-rules-principals:

1. There are no rules. Pop in for 1 day or hold yourself accountable to all 30. It's about what works for you, but please don't opt-out of this free inspiration because you decide you have to do it perfectly! Progress over perfection, love.

2. Let the prompt inspire you each morning to see your closet with fresh eyes. If you have something that's quite right, get creative! Again, don't bow out because you see a few days you don't instantly have an idea for. Do the opposite, borrow from a friend or use an accessory to make it work.

{P.S. One smart betty sets a nightly reminder on her phone so she can think about the prompt before she goes to sleep and know what she's wearing before she wakes up bleary-eyed. Others print and tape it in their closet, and some display it on their desks at work for coworkers to come by on their way out to see what tomorrow is!}

3. Put a pause on shopping. If a prompt illuminates a gap in your wardrobe you'd love to fill, that's great. But ultimately my heart is to make better use of the clothes we've already invested in, so see how creative you can get with what you already own before you add more.

4. Take a pic on your phone and share it on Instagram using #StyleMeMay and/or elsewhere on social media or your blog.

5. Encourage beauty. I'm humbled to say the Dean St bettys are one of the kindest sororities on Instagram. Be generous with your likes and your words of affirmation, sharing only positivity that will make one another authentically glow.


Take note of our video challenge day! I love an excuse for a lil dance party so grab your kids or your kitchen spoon and put on an outfit that makes you want to do a little dance ...

Sneak peek: There won't be a #StyleMeJune ...

That's because Style & Styleability is coming back! If you're unfamiliar with my group style class, you'll get the low down very soon. Plus, a brand new video series, totally free, just for you. And it all happens next week. Hop on Honor Society {it's free!} and it's all yours.

P.S. No really love, you're not going to want to miss this free video series! A team of 3 came to my Dean Street Studio for 2 days and I got to film content I've been dreaming about for 9 months. Get inside Honor Society and you'll have a front row seat for the launch next week ...

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