The Happiness Closet

I cannot get enough of chartreuse right now. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I just moved into a new Dean Street Studio {I'll be sharing more here soon!} and I'm itching to paint furniture, buy knobs, snag pillows all in chartreuse.

Color evokes a literal physical feeling for me. It makes me feel buzzy, lit up, swoony depending on the hue. Sadly though, I find a lot of my clients are intimidated by color -- afraid to be too bold, convinced something isn't their shade, worried about drawing too much attention.

But when you think about paying compliments, how often have you said to someone, "I love that color! That color looks great on you!" My observations on compliments confirm my suspicion that most people are made happy by color, and thus you sporting more of it to your workplace or around your kids, would make the world a happier place. One Forever 21 sweater {in this case} at a time. 


Shop this Style { Charteuse Sweater : Forever 21 : Similar | Floral Blouse : Old Navy : Similar | Black and White Pencil Skirt : Old Navy : Similar | Gold Link Necklace : Etsy : Similar  l Monogrammed iPhone Case : Etsy : Similar l Vintage Binocular Case as Bag : My Maternal Grandfather's : Similar} + Brooklyn Photography by Bethany Michaela

Two other nifty little things going on in this outfit in addition to the fabulous color:

1) Hue on hue color pairing. The sweater, blouse and shoes are all shades of greens and blues meaning I could layer a good handful of colors without looking like Punky Brewster.

2) Pattern mixing. Stripes pair with everything, as does black and white, so they're a great base to play with a lot of things in your closet.


Dear spring, please come to Brooklyn soon so I can actually wear an outfit like this all day without freezing. My boots are really ready to hibernate. They're exhausted from this many months of being on duty. Thank you in advance. The wardrobe management.

P.S. On my last trip to California I was in Anthropologie with my mom when she passed a bag on one of their tables. "Is this inspired by a binocular case?" she asked the salesgirl. It was. "I have one of Grandpa's that looks just like this at home, do you want it?" Yes please. She was totally right. It looks almost identical to the one at Anthropologie and though I have to be more delicate with it because it's truly vintage and probably from the 1940's, it was free and a piece with a story. Note to self: See what else your mama has in her closet or attic. {wink}

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