Marie Forleo's B-School Bonus

If today is your first day on Dean Street, I'm going to bet you just came here by way of Ms Marie Forleo. Welcome, new friend! Smitten that we're meeting.

{If you didn't come that way, you'll want to go watch this video feature-ette about Dean St right now! Enter your email & it's the 3rd video. PinchMeNow.}

This is Dean Street Society. We're passionate about An Educated Style, An Alluring Business and an Inspired Life. And we all learn more, when you add your story and Qs to the conversation.

Come on in, take your shoes off. Can I get you a cup of tea?


Here's what I recommend to make you feel right at home:

1. Hop on Honor Society. It's FREE! There's 2 doors through which you can come on into the tribe, and both come with the free gift of a Dean St Seminar on business or style. 

2. Say hello on Instagram. This is the platform I turn to the most to share honestly about what it's like to run a business, and write bize-size blog posts to make you more empowered over your daily style.

3. Check out the BIG NEWS of partnerships with 2 of my favorite brands: Marie Forleo and Squarespace! Special deals for B-Schoolers and one that will sell out quickly so save your spot! {P.S. And now that doors are open, you can register for B-School right here to choose one of those bonuses, free!}


I absolutely can't wait to hear your story. And heck, if you can't wait either, send me a note right now and let me know what you're struggling with in your business or style.

I'll pour myself a second cup of tea and write you back ...

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P.S. You want to keep hanging out? Gah. Me too. I thought you'd never ask.

Play around on the About page. It's one of my favorites. There's some heartfelt beliefs and some witty shenanigans. I do believe the sweet spot is in the middle of grace and gumption ... 

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