Color Outside The Lines

To me trends aren't about must haves, ins or outs, or being popular. They're about new suggestions, thinking outside the box, sparking your creativity to perchance try something new.

In 2013 the Pantone color of the year was emerald. Not that I care about the Pantone color of the year. But it did bring to my attention that I owned no green. I then recalled that every St Patrick's Day I want to stay indoors lest I risk getting pinched.

Then I got the pinch-me-worthy email that my business idol, Marie Forleo, wanted to interview me. And a few days before the interview I got the request to wear a non-sleeveless, bright, solid color dress. Which I did not own. So I ordered 15 off of and only loved one. It was green.

Being forced to try new things can broaden your definition of who you are.

Suddenly I'm not a betty who "doesn't wear green". Turns out I love this dress! A little push helped me shake up the mental ruts I was in about color. So next time you're in the dressing room, bring in a few "so not me pieces". Who knows. You might have grown-up or evolved since the last time you made your mental list of what is and isn't fabulously you.


Shop this Style { Green Lace Dress : Asos | White & Gold Necklace : Ann Taylor : Similar | Leopard Skinny Belt : Primark : Similar | Polka Dot Heels : Dorothy Perkins : Similar } + Brooklyn Photography by Kat Harris of The Refined Woman

Another idea I proved wrong to myself? Colored lace isn't chic. I have lace items in black and white, but I was afraid colored lace would look cheap.

So I added some grown-up vodka to this cranberry base: a statement necklace, leopard belt and polka dot heels.

Suddenly this is not your junior high graduation dress. And that low back ensured this wasn't your grandmother's dress from moment one.

What's an "I can't wear _____" that you've proved wrong lately?

Stuck in "that's not me" mode? A little 2-Part Fashion Cocktail is always your secret to being empowered over anything in your closet, m'dear. 

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P.S. That interview with Marie Forleo? It's going live on Thursday! Hop on Honor Society {it's FREE!} to watch. 

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