The Truth About My January


January kicked my derriere.

In December I finished writing, marketing and launching my book, tribe and toolkit The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail

I took 2 weeks off for the first time in, well, maybe my whole life.

But it wasn't enough. I limped into the new year down a new path: one where my motivation was missing, my focus had disappeared. It was so unlike me I didn't know what to do. Have you ever not recognized yourself?

Then one of my best friends got very sick and I spent a week holding her hand to doctor's appointments, making pharmacy runs and trying to make her laugh.

Then completely unrelated, I ended up in the hospital for a week. Talk about bringing your business and momentum to a screeching halt, and coming home to find yourself even further down in a valley.

A few days later, it was time to head to Alt Summit to teach a class on "Overcoming Overwhelm". The irony was not lost on me that this is a topic I will continue to navigate for years to come.

My flight got cancelled, re-booked, cancelled, I Skyped in to teach my class, flew out the next morning, had my luggage get lost, missed the afternoon sessions to hide out in my room in jeans and no make-up, adventured around the corner to a vintage store where I found an emerald green ensemble for $29 for that night's Shades of Green Party.


And suddenly it's January 31st.


I haven't blogged. I've been mostly silent on social media. Had no clients. Haven't launched what was planned for January. Our bookkeeper will show zero profit for the month and lots of ongoing expenses.

And yet ...

I spent more sweet time with people I love than ever before. I reflected, processed, mused, journaled, read. I met new friends, in the hospital and at Alt, hearing stories that brought new perspective to my life. I feel more connected to my dearests than I have in a long time.

I felt both depleted and renewed, all poured out and poured into and able to pour out again, hopeless and hope-filled.

It was a season of inbetweens -- quiet non-epic non-social-media-worthy heartbreaking moments -- as real life often is.


I teach classes on overwhelm, even in the midst of navigating it myself every day.

I teach about the power of our style, while recognizing there is also power in a sea of equalizing hospital gowns where people who might not confide in me otherwise will tell me about the loss of their mother or their addiction.

It is knowing what small feels like, that makes it so sweet when we get to shine. {click to tweet this}


There are marvelous things coming in February. Exciting partnerships. New launches. Pretty ensembles and styled shoots.

But before we move onto a fresh start tomorrow ... I've missed you. 

I didn't choose this month "away", but I've seen lots of silver linings along the way. I adore you and the fellow Dean St bettys and dappers, and so look forward to doing life with you again as we head into eleven more possibility-filled months.

There's still oh so much of 2014 in which to make marvelous happen {and quiet, unglamorous, non-blog-worthy-but-life-altering things too} ...

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