February Instagram Style Challenge

Love, the #StyleMe Instagram Challenge is back with #StyleMeFebruary! And in this month o' love these prompts are extra especially about celebrating our beauty, bodies and confidence.

If this is your first time to join us, here's the no-rules-principals:

1. There are no rules. Join for one day or hold yourself accountable to all 28. Whatever works best for you. But don't opt-out of this free inspiration because you've decided you have to do it perfectly! Progress over perfection, m'dear.

2. Each day let the prompt inspire you to see your closet with fresh eyes. If you don't have something that's quite right, get creative! Do the opposite, use an accessory, etc.

3. Try not to shop. If one of the prompts points out a hole in your closet that you'd really love to fill, that's one thing. But my heart is that we make better use of the closets we've already invested in, rather than an urge to buy more.

4. Snap a self-photo and share it on Instagram using #StyleMeFeb and/or elsewhere on social or your blog.

5. Encourage beauty. The Dean St bettys are one of the kindest groups on the interwebs. Be generous with your likes and your words of affirmation, sharing only positivity and words that will make one another authentically glow.



Now get generous and help spread the free stylish word! Share this graphic on Pinterest, Instagram, create a blog post and invite your readers to join you while getting to know you better daily.

Can't wait to celebrate us all being more captivating, creative and authentically confident together this month!

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P.S. Just last week at Alt Summit I met two of the #StyleMe bettys who said these months had made a big impact on their lives.

E shared that when her husband was in the hospital this fall it was this challenge, it's inspiration and accountability, that helped her get out of bed each day.

C confided that at four months pregnant she wasn't loving her heavier-but-no-bump-yet body and this creativity helped her to love getting dressed at a time when she was loathing it.

A few weeks earlier, I was tagged on Instagram by a betty in Seattle meeting up with two London gals she'd met through the challenge.

I'm overwhelmed by the goodness that comes from what looks at first glance like a simple graphic. There's power in inspiration, creativity and community. Join us ...

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