Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Style

January tis the season for reinvention. New year, new you and all that jazz. Yet I confess that the idea of sweeping changes and makeovers often leaves me feeling overwhelmed: Where to begin? Where to end? How to afford it? How to find the time?

If you lept into 2014 with visions of a refreshed, next level you dancing in your head, allow me to propose an idea: Big Small Changes.

For me, that's been with my health and wellness. During my first 2.5 years in business, I confess that I have sacrificed that area of my life. I don't have time to work out, eat on the go, push push push. So I'm focusing on the smallest changes, that will make the biggest impact. I got a membership at a gym with fun classes, but passed on the personal trainer for now. I bought a NutriBullet to make nutrient rich smoothies first thing in the morning, but am not trying to change my eating habits beyond that for now.

If you're looking to implement a few of those Big Small Changes when it comes to your personal style, I've teamed up with the Home Shopping Network {they've got a Pinterest contest happening right now!} to bring you 7 ideas. No giant closet purge, no massive shopping spree, just a few affordable ideas to add a little refreshment to who you're showing up as in 2014. Read on ...



1. Pop in Jewel Tones: When you head out to shop next, focus on color. It's an instant way to look happier, more welcoming and more confident. Jewel tones are my favorite as they look most chic for any age or style, and all mix well together when you're ready to pair and layer them. {Try: Cobalt Dress from HSN $59

2. Layer Up: Speaking of layers, this trick is why the JCrew catalogue always looks so marvelous. The don't just stop at a shirt, but add vests or cardigans above, a collar or a hem peeking out below. {Try: Fur Trim Cape from HSN $168}

3. Sparkle in Statements: The fastest way to make a simple black top a remarkable ensemble is with a chunky statement necklace or a fistful of fabulous bracelets. Golds, diamondy gems and pearls are my favorite as they look classy and go with everything. {Pictured: Crystal and Pearl Bib from HSN $59}

4. Kick-up Your Kicks: A killer pair of shoes makes a classic pair of jeans look fancy. When you're on the hunt, look for something you can wear with tights and a pencil skirt for work, a flirty dress for night and jeggings on the weekend. {Pictured: Gold Ankle Boots from HSN $125}

5. Play with Patterns: Mixing patterns is one of those style blogger tricks that makes for visually captivating ensembles. Stripes are the easiest as they partner well with everything from florals to polka dots to checks, and the neutral colors in animal print mean it works with any color in your closet. {Try: Animal Print Scarf from HSN $39}

6. Get All Grown-Up: A ladylike handbag keeps you looking professional and top notch even when you're sporting a top-knot and slouchy sweater. A neutral bag goes with everything and can be a daily staple that makes it worth a higher-price tag investment. {Pictured: Leather Tote from HSN $395}

7. Be Bold with Lips: For sleepy mornings and uninspired days, a bright pink or red lip is my secret weapon to feeling awake and pulled together. Plus, it's the #1 thing that makes you look gorgeous in photos if you're headed to a party or event. {Pictured: Trish McEvoy Lipstick from HSN $28}


Now it's time to take action! Heading into February, which one of these tips can you add to your Make It Happen list to shake up the winter grays into something that wows?

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