October Instagram Challenge

I am giddy to announce that we are back this month with #StyleMeOctober! 

If this is your first time to join us for a #StyleMe challenge, it's a month of stylish daily inspiration to help you see your closet with fresh eyes and jump start your pre-coffee creativity.

All while making new friends and soaking in new inspiration as part of our encouraging #StyleMe bettys community. Instagram is the main place we hang out, but you'll also find the hashtag being shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

Oh and it's FREE!



Here's how it works:

1. Save the calendar above on your phone, or print and tape it to your mirror. Use the prompt each day to inspire you to "wear, try or be" something from your wardrobe.

2. Snap a photo and share via Instagram {or Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest} using #StyleMeOctober.

3.  There are no rules. If you're stressed out by commitment, you don't have to do it every day. If you like to finish something beginning to end {Type-A hand raised high thankyouverymuch} use this community as your daily accountability to be creative and remarkable from the 1st to the 31st. Either way, try not to buy anything new for this challenge. If this uncovers a genuine hole in your closet that's one thing -- this isn't about a spending freeze -- but I hope it encourages you to make better use of and rediscover what you already have, rather than crave to buy more.

Cannot wait to be inspired by you this month and get to know you and your style better! 


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P.S. Spread the love! With just one click you can share this free gem on Pinterest. And if you follow me on Instagram @HilaryRushford you can head over there and re-gram it right now.

Who's going to be thankful for you every morning when they get dress? Every betty who finds this gift thanks to you! {wink}

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