Style Your Shape, Shape Your Life

For those bettys on Honor Society {if you're not there, join us!} you've heard my heart over the last month about the power of a program called Live More, Weigh Less.

Weight, self-image, body image, physical insecurities are the #1 thing every single one of my clients from size 0 to 24 struggles with. I receive emails every week if not every day with confessions so personal, painful and precious that it's become clear to me I need to do more to help.

Not only help you to have more confidence through your style and the power to flatter your figure at the size you are right now, but also why we have these feelings -- to work from both the outside in and the inside out.

Which is why I've been so blessed to become friends with Sarah Jenks who helps women from the inside out. I'm a guest expert in her program and I confess that the power of these two tools together -- the outside and inside -- is what I think leads to true deep authentic honest confidence.


{Sarah and I had breakfast in the park near my house this morning. She's one of my favorite gals!} 

That's why I've committed to not only introducing the Dean St Bettys to Sarah, but to personally gifting a FREE one-on-one session with me to every woman who signs up via the Dean St link

Inside out and outside in -- there's a deeper level of happiness, authentic confidence and true joy that's within your grasp this fall. The doors close at 8pm EST tonight. I cannot wait to celebrate those of you who join us at this party and this new level of life.
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