Welcome to My Lovely New Home!

Happy 2-year anniversary sweet Dean Street Society & world say hello to her brand new look!

Psst ... as the URL transitions over to the new site ... if you still see me in my red pencil skirt up top then you're on the old site & can CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW ONE! If you're seeing me floating on air then you're at my new home!

If you read yesterday's post you know that I have literally been dreaming {or having nightmares} about a new site since I launched & I'm so grateful to have met the four bettys {plus two last minute pinch hitters} that helped me pull it off in time for this anniversary! And seeing as we are launching at 11:59pm EST to make our launch day deadline, it has truly been a sprint to the midnight finish including many a nocturnal tri-statal confernce call!

Here's who's in the Betty Coterie behind the scenes:

* Nicole of Happy Blogger Cafe : {chief of staff} : I "just knew" the moment i received Nicole's application to be my virtual assistant that she was exactly who I'd dreamt of finding. She's wise, warm, gracious, business savvy & organized. Even in the midst of bed rest during her second pregnancy she's lifted such a weight & inspires trust in a way that is just delicious. {P.S. However, she went into labor at the beginning of launch week! Oh my! Welcome to the world sweet baby Sloane Everly! However, without Nicole on board I want to thank Tina of Open Roads Coaching for helping us out at the last minute!}

* Amélie of NerdyGirl Wellness : {technical design} : It will come as no surprise after yesterday's post that upgrading to a new web platform {Squarespace 5 to 6} was a huge component holding my business back. Amélie swooped in with her calm energy & crazy knowledge of the interwebs & solved every crisis. The best thing I can say about her is that I didn't cry in this process once! {P.S. However Amélie's schedule turned crazy this last week just as everything was coming down to the wire so a standing ovation to Sasha of Outlaw Creative for getting us to the finish line!}

* Jenny of Maidae : {hand-drawn font} : When I saw this gal doodling in her notebook near me at the Alt Summit conference I was instantly in love. I have dreamed of a hand-drawn font for Dean Street Society since day one. So I was over the moon to get to partner with someone I had already been such a fan of & have her pop in to share her talents with us!

* Ana of Grown-Up Shoes : {graphic designer} : And finally the girl who truly deserves a standing ovation! Most designers go away to work on a big project & come back for small revisions & approval along the way. Ana was a dream in that she was willing to approach a working relationship in a new way & let me explore my visions all throughout, while she brought them to life. I also trusted her right away because I clicked with her aesthetic on her blog & as a fellow stylist, so I knew she would "get me" without having to stretch. Her experience was so invaluable throughout this process & she hung with me through every late night team conference call, working all hours, absolutely having my back from morning to night this week. Rockstar, this one.


Without further adieu let's show you around the new digs, eh? Here's what we've launched today:

  • Bettys Style Blog {how pretty is that new header shot by Bethany Michaela!}
  • About {the what & who behind Dean St, plus how & why it's just for you}
  • Praise {featuring a few of the folks I've been immensely blessed to work with}
  • Hire {you'll notice something pretty big here: I've done away with one-on-one sessions! Don't worry. They'll be back. But with a new format that I've been musing about for months so stay tuned as it will be launching with a special limited time offer you won't want to miss!}

But wait, there's more! Each Thursday in September we'll be rolling out another new page for you to dive into & explore. After all, we didn't want to give you the keys to the whole palace all at once & have you miss a room. {wink}

And now please make yourself at home & leave a welcome note in the comments below! What's your favorite new gem? Anything looking wonky on your screen? Catch a faux pass like a typo we can fix?

I'll be online throughout tonight celebrating this anniversary from my lovely hotel room in LA, watching the start of the college football season on ESPN & watching the US Open -- as you read on Tuesday -- thrilled not to be there! There'll be a chance to celebrate this day in high heels soon, but for today pizza, beer & frozen yogurt is how this girl  wanted to mark the marvelous occasion of two years of living my dream.

Thanks for being a part of my story, m'dear ...

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