Angelina Jolie + Gwyneth Paltrow Style

You know I j'adore color & pattern. But I have plenty of style clients who prefer neutrals & even one who wears exclusively black.

I always assure them that is just fine! But. The key to pulling that off & keeping it chic, is to make it clear that simplicity was an intentional choice, not a lack of creativity.

How do you do that? Fit, fabric + details.

A white t-shirt, black leggings + black flip flops? Meh.

This white button-down, silky black pants with an elephant print, black heels with a grown-up handbag & a cool accent like this head-piece? Now you're understanding how Angelina Jolie & Gwyneth Paltrow {two celebrities my clients reference often} can dress in neutrals without ever looking like the didn't give their style thought.

Furthermore, the fit of this ensemble is very easy. Nothing's super tight or really showing off my curves or waist. But the heels, handbag, one or two accessories & a bright lipstick -- they make it clear I'm not stumbling out of a writer's haze on my way to Trader Joe's, but intentionally sporting one of those effortlessly easy looks for a tea date in my neighborhood. 

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the secret to looking effortless, is putting in the effort of the finishing details: make-up, hair, handbag, shoes, accessories. Suddenly you're not schleppy, you're easy breezy chic. Now who wants tea?


Shop this Style { Classes White Button-Down : Primark : Similar | Black Silk Pants : Primark : Similar | Black Photography Bag : Theit | Black Pumps : DSW : Similar | Black & White Flower Hair Piece : c/o Mila Rose Designs } + Brooklyn Photographer Bethany Michaela

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