How to Wear a Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. When you find one that's good quality or just the right fit, it is oh so flattering on all my client's body types whether you're petite, boyish, curvy. On Monday I used my newest pencil fine to teach my #1 tip for adding more color to your wardrobe.


However, since I don't work in a corporate office setting, it can be a bit more challenging to find opportunities to wear a pencil. So I am so thrilled to be a part of a How-to Series thanks to The Refined Woman that brought together some of my favorite bloggers to show you 7 Ways to Style The Classic Pencil Skirt. Here's what I'm loving:

Jen + Sara: Showing how a t-shirt can keep a pencil feeling casual enough for everyday. I often feel I'm not a "t-shirt girl" because with jeans it feels too plain, but I'd never thought of it with a pencil before!

Erin + Casey: Demonstrating how a pencil doesn't have to be too structured. I love how they both have really easy, flowy, effortless looks. Neither is emphasizing their waist, but they both still look feminine thanks to the necklaces that anchor that "V' shape I talk about when the "line" {i.e. waist} is missing.

Em + Kat: Having my back when it comes to bright colors! Awesome examples of how if color intimidates you, a structured shape like the pencil will keep you looking chic + refined. Oh so appropo since they're the founders of The Refined Woman!

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P.S. Alright bettys, now it's your turn to join the party. What's one idea from above you can try out in your wardrobe this week? It could be with a pencil skirt, or any other wardrobe piece that's similar to something above. Leave it in the comments & get someone else's creative genius going!

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