How to Wear Color

Last week we talked about how to pull off simple black & white, & this week we're embracing color!

I love color. But I find it intimidates a lot of my clients. The number one secret I share with them as to how to pull it off without ever looking kitschy, immature or over the top?

Jewel tone hues.

When we think of colors there are different hues. Pastels: pale pink, sky blue, lavender. Mixing those can have us feeling like an Easter egg or an 11-year-old pretty quickly. There's primary: Crayola red, yellow, blue. This can easily channel Rainbow Bright or Punky Brewster. Deep hues like burgundy, eggplant & burnt orange can be pretty. But mixed together they can also look very dark, not super happy & aren't the most flattering on all skin tones or at all times of year.

But jewel tones? Picture angels singing on high because they are the perfect compliment to any skin tone or hair color, any time of year, for any style. Plum, marigold, peacock blue, teal, poppy, magenta, royal blue. These colors are just a bit richer, more saturated -- they look chic, sophisticated, professional.

Have you ever believed 6 impossible things before breakfast? {One of my favorite quotes from Alice in Wonderland.} Well if you in play in the same jewel tone hue family, you can even mix six impossible colors together as below. 


Shop this Style { Chartreuse Sweater : Forever 21 : Similar | Hot Pink Pencil Skirt : Vintage : Similar | Royal Blue Purse : Accessorize : Similar | Tangerine Heels : Next UK : Similar | Yellow Cocktail Ring : c/o Kendra Scott | Watch : Boutique : Similar } + Brooklyn Photographer Bethany Michaela

Want more tips on how to wear color? I made a Pinterest board just for you! And while you're there, why don't you follow moi + pin one of these pretty images above so all your followers can come read these happy color tips!

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