May Instagram Challenge

Bettys we are back! So excited to be bringing you another free month of style inspiration with #StyleMeMay. Do you spend forever trying to decide what to wear in the morning? Stare glassy-eyed at your closet uninspired & overwhelmed by the amount of stuff crammed in there? Yet still feel you've nothing to wear? Well this month, I've got your back.

How to Be a #StyleMe Betty

  1. Print or save the calendar in a spot where you can see it at night or in the morning
  2. Use the prompt of something to "wear, try or be" to get creative in your closet
  3. Snap a quick self-pic & share it with the #StyleMe Bettys on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #StyleMeMay

Why #StyleMe Makes You Smarter

Our brains create grooves, pathways that save us brain energy. Thus, you find yourself always pairing that top with that skirt. It takes more energy to get creative. But without creativity, we get bored in our closets. Which leaves us feeling a) poorly about how we look or b) like we need to shop & buy more. Yet creativity first thing in the morning before coffee can be exhausting! So now you have a creative jumpstart, for free, to help you leave the house feeling better & with less of a desire to buy more. After all, you're a Dean Street Betty. You're smarter than the average cookie & not going to let some little brain grooves get in your way of shining.


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How to Be a Generous Friend

  1. Spread this free month of stylish goodness! Email this post to a friend, or share it on Facebook or Twitter!
  2. If you're a blogger you can also join the crew by adding one of the #StyleMe Bettys buttons at the bottom of this post to your blog sidebar.

Can't wait to see what's in your wardrobe just waiting to be discovered this month!

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