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Bettys, I have news ...


You don't have to look pregnant when you wear a button-down! Bring on the boos & let's celebrate your waist!

In the winter session of my group class Style & Styleability, this conundrum came up a lot in the weekly challenges. People like button-downs, but when left untucked they usually look unprofessional, unflattering & not so chic {see above}. Reason being, you have to emphasize your waist. Here's three ways to do that:


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Look #2 is the one many people think they can't pull off. Plenty of us don't have a perfectly flat stomach, so when we tuck something in we worry it emphasizes that. And it can. But ...

1) 95% of my clients have body dysmorphia to some degree. We see our bodies oh so differently than others do, meaning we see our flaws as far more pronounced than they are. I know it's hard to trust me when we're not having a one-on-one session, but I guarantee some of your style issues aren't in your closet, but inside your head.

2) The key is wearing pieces that fit you just right. There are plenty of things I try on that truly are unflattering. But a stiffer fabric, with less clingy jersey, that hits at the right spot, in the right pattern or color -- I've realized I can indeed wear items like this pencil skirt, I just can't wear EVERY pencil skirt.

Which of these looks have you not tried or worn lately that you can wear this week? What's your favorite way to sport a button-down? Share in the comments below & give someone else a bright style idea ...

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P.S. I'm thrilled to announce that I'm speaking at Pepperologie in New York City on Saturday, May 11th! This fabulous event features five speakers on "how to live a spicier life" lead by the truly fabulous Jessie Artigue of Style & Pepper. It's an intimate event, so go grab your seat & when asked who referred you, let her know you're a Dean Street betty! Would love to know you'll be there.


P.P.S. The winner of last week's giveaway from was Miss Sara D with comment #13! Congrats m'dear!

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