Introducing ... Honor Society

M'dears, I've had something in the works for a while & I'm thrilled to finally be putting it in motion this spring. I'm introducing The Dean Street "Honor Society".


Members of Honor Society will receive a an email to your inbox once a week, the "Thursday Telegram". Seeing these members as VIBs {very important bettys ... or dappers} the Honor Society is where I will first announce new offerings.

Last month I introduced Dean Street Seminars. And they sold out so quickly! So I decided there needed to be a way for you to hear news, without being left out if you aren't caught up on your blog reader that day or checking Twitter at just the right time. By sending you this news to your inbox, you'll never feel like you might be missing out.

For example, I'm about to introduce three new Dean Street Seminars & {so excited about this!} my very first in person group offering. Both of those will be announced tomorrow to Honor Society which means you get first dibs at spots {both of those offerings have limited spots} & you get them penciled into your calendars asap.

There's also a second component to Honor Society, one that's close to my heart. I'll share more about that next time.

How do you join? Just enter your name & email on the right hand sidebar ----------->

That's it! And those first two insider announcements will be coming your way tomorrow!

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P.S. Did I mention being part of Honor Society is FREE? Totally free. Just my way to say thank you for being a part of Dean Street Society & making sure I can serve you in the best possible way.

Just pop your name & email into the box on the sidebar ----------->

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