Be Kind for Everyone You Meet ...

Last week Anna of In Honor of Design & I introduced you to #EncourageBeauty. {Did you grab the calendar, manifestos & desktop/iPhone backgrounds here?}

Personally, the main thing that stood out to me in this first week is how often I hear those around me encouraging beauty! It became a joke one night when my friend Laurel told me, "You look so pretty!" just as I was opening my mouth to say the same. Rachel laughingly exclaimed, "She stole your Encourage Beauty!" What I love is that we can take it for granted when we DO hear encouragement around us. And I've been grateful for this reminder of how affirming & inspiring to one another the people around me naturally are.


{P.S. These darling graphics were designed by Anna & she's got another one for you on her blog. The coral one above is my new iPhone background!}

To remind you to encourage beauty this week, share & save this graphic of one of my all-time favorite quotes: "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle". This has resonated with me for a while, but more acutely these past 6 months. That's come from a Tuesday night dinner group I joined about 9 months where we get very open & honest about what's happening in our lives once a week. And also instarting my column for IFB 4 months ago & engaging the discusssion of what we see & share online, & how it compares to our & one another's real lives. With every passing week I'm reminded more & more of how many challenges, insecurities, fears & vulnerabilities there are around me. Which helps me to be more gracious. But also, truth be told, helps me to feel less alone & more in the midst of togetherness.

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P.S. One week from today, I'm flying to London! Do you know any British bettys or dappers to spread the word to? I'm always up for guest posts, photo shoots, new clients & new online friends!

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