Introducing: Dean Street Seminars!

Bettys & dappers, I'm super excited to introduce a new part of Dean Street Society today: Dean Street Seminars! This is another example of you asking for something, & my answering - my favorite thing is to say yes!

These will be very small group classes {no more than 10 people, so everyone gets to ask Qs}, on a specific area where interest has been expressed, for a very low price point. Short & sweet, with maximum answers & impact for you.

My first two are taking place next Wednesday, March 13 at 12pm & 3pm EST:


How to Find your Niche as a Style Blogger {without losing your beauty sleep}

WHO: This is ideal for the new style blogger or the style blogger who feels they're spinning their wheels & not gaining traction in terms of traffic. In both cases, there's an emphasis on worker smarter rather than investing endless late nights, still unsure if you're headed in the right direction.

WHAT: Using top style bloggers as examples, we'll break down the different choices they make ... Read the full seminar description & save your spot here!

Photoshop Basics for Blogs & Marking {& busy entrepreneurs}

WHO: This is designed for someone who has Photoshop, doesn't know how to use it & is looking to make graphics for their website & marketing. The entrepreneur who wants the kind of images above, to take their blog posts to the next level, advertise new products & promote webinars, events & promotions. 

WHAT: We'll cover just the basics of how to create these images in a non-rushed, non-overwhelming manner ... Read the full seminar description & save your spot here!

Have a topic you'd like to see covered in a Dean Street Seminar? Leave it in the comments below! I absolutely want to help you get clarity & create providence in any way I can!

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