Clothed in Strength, Dignity & Sasha Fierce

In my former life as a musical theatre performer, one of my acting coaches told us that Beyonce, who has an alter ego named Sasha Fierce, has said of that persona, "I slip her on when I'm headed on stage like you slip on a mink coat".

That always struck me. How do you excude rockstar confidence? You put it on, at the right time & place. And then you can shrug it off when it's time to be cozy & quiet.

I love the same idea in the poetry of Proverbs 31:25 below of wearing attributes such as strength & dignity. They cover you like a mink coat, you can see them coming down the street, they are not hidden inside, they make a statement when you walk into a room.


Before I left for England my sweet friend Laurel encouraged me to "choose rest" while here. That simple idea has made such an impact. I think about it when I take a break from work to go do yoga, when I'm feeling overwhelmed at the site of my to-do list, even in moments of frustration like getting lost in a new town -- instead of that angry anxious feeling welling up, I choose rest. And I feel lighter. I could almost laugh. Not just without fear of the future, but with peace at the present.

I've been declaring "I choose rest" for a whopping 10 days. So I can't declare I've found inner peace. But I'm finding it remarkable how just one small mantra all throughout your day can make a difference.

Do you have a mantra? What would yours be? How would this week feel different if you decided "I choose rest"? Tell me in the comments below. You just might inpsire the perfect mantra for someone else like Laurel did for me ...

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P.S. This lovely graphic is by Anna of In Honor of Design {she's got another one for you on her blog today!}. We're nearing the end of our #EncourageBeauty challenge {more here, here & here}. But remember, encouraging beauty is something you can do at any time. We even made a blank calendar so you can continue it any month!

Save the graphics as your computer background as a reminder. Instagram them to inspire others to encourage beauty as well. Pin them to Pinterest to spread the lovely word that beauty begets beauty, courage begets courage ...

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