How to Style A Theme Party

At present, I'm writing from snow Cambridge, England! One of my very favorite style bloggers was gracious enough to offer me her home while she's away, so I've stocked up on wine & am ready to do my best Amanda/Iris from "The Holiday" for the next month. Though with decidedly less drama, & many many of hours of writing, creating, building & organizing. In short, I'm in heaven.

Speaking of snowy eves, the first night of Alt Summit Bing invited me to their "bing dot-the-i" party "polka dot attire encouraged". Clearly they were speaking my love language. And to top it off, it turnout my black, white & bronze ensemble ... was the wardrobe twin of Jenny from Hank & Hunt's darling tablescape event styling! 


 It seems silly, but styling a table does not come easily to me. It feels very DIY, which is so not me & I just don't know where to start. I confessed that to Jenny ... & she said exactly the same thing about my outfit! Don't you just love how we all have different strengths?!

So for those of you who find interior design & event planning a breeze, but feel a bit stuck when it comes to your closet, take note!

How to Style A Theme Party

  1. A polka dotted table cloth = a polka dot maxi skirt
  2. White & black anemonies = white with black dots sweater
  3. Bronze shining dots to accent = bronze stripe belt, clutch hardware & beige dot shoes to accessorize

Whether clothes styling or table styling is your thing, just let one inspire the other! And whether it's anemones than channel polka dots or a men's bow tie as a belt, just play with your favorite things & you'll have a good chance of creating something lovely.


Shop this Style { Polka Dot Sweater : Similar | Polka Dot Maxi Skirt : Similar | Polka Dot Shoes : Similar | Men's Striped Bow Tie as Belt : c/o Brier & Moss | Black & White Strip Clutch : c/o Angela Kay | Bracelets : c/o Jennine Richards + Urban Outfitters : Similar + Similar } + Photography by Bethany Michaela Photos

Thank you to Natalie from Bing for giving me a reason to unabashedly wear polka dots from head-to-toe! I never would have crafted this ensemble without that excuse. But now that I see it back in pictures, it doesn't feel crazy at all.

A reminder that what often feels outside of our box, isn't that scary once you've dipped your toe in the water. Try something sartorial this week that scares you just a little ...

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P.S. For the record, I don't blame Angelina. There really is no other way to show off a major slit ...

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