Stepping Away for Afternoon Tea, Be Back Soon

Goodness bettys, I head to London on Thursday! My how this winter has flown since I landed back in the States in early January.

In preparation for my trip & to let myself settle in there, I'm taking a two week holiday here on the blog.

Many of you have asked why I'm headed to London again & it's what I'm calling a working holiday or writer's getaway. It's something I'll share more about in my Friday Branding, Blogging, Small Business posts, but in short: I spent January & February sprinting, with the knowledge that I'd then have March/April to rest.

For me, rest doesn't mean not doing anything! It means having focused time to do certain things: write, research, create, catch-up, get ahead. And then to come back refreshed for photo shoots, video shoots, in person clients, meetings, conferences & all the other elements of Dean Street Society that happen face-to-face with clients & colleagues.

It's an experiment in extending batching. Which is the opposite of multitasking. The sort of stuff I could geek out on for hours. So I'll spare you the details, but you can Bing search it up if you're intrigued & a fellow productivity nerd like moi.


Be sure to follow along with my UK adventures on Instagram {@HilaryRushford} & look for a head to toe polka dot ensemble coming your way on Monday, March 25th when the blog will be back to it's reguarly scheduled programing.

In the meantime, if you have any Brit friends send em my way! I'm setting aside a bit of time for clients, photo shoots & meet-ups while in town & always love meeting new folks!

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