Vulnerability & Sharing Your Story


The last day of Alt Summit I sat in a circle with 25 women, most of whom ended up in tears. I was in heaven. Not that I like to see other people cry. But it was an honest, earnest, "treehouse of trust" environment {led by Jess Lively & Ez of Creature Comforts} about vulnerability in blogging.

Today's post is part four of what's becoming an impromptu series.

You can read part one, part two, part three. The conversation is about what we share, on social media & blogs. First, how what others share makes us feel. And now, how what we share makes us feel.

In part three {read this first} I wrote that you should never feel obligated to share. But today I want to push you a little in that.

What I heard sitting around that circle were women with powerful stories, that felt vulnerable to share. One wondered whether to share her battle with pre-partum depression. I strongly encouraged her that a woman is going to search "depression when you're pregnant". And if nothing real comes up ... that's a spot you could have filled with love, knowledge & community.

So while you are never under obligation to share, I want to encourage you that if you feel fear around sharing, you are not alone. The fear that someone might not get it, could misinterpret, would judge you, think you should have handled it differently, think it's boring, blah blah blah -- is a fear of being vulnerable. And it's one we all share.

If you have a story percolating, talk it out with close friends

  1. Are you to the middle or other side part? Are you at the place where you can be of service?
  2. How will you feel when this is out on the internet ten years from now? Does this involve your spouse, children, friends & their privacy?
  3. Has this story already been shared widely? We can never have too many people share! However, if a search pops up 10 awesome posts you relate to, & the idea of sharing is causing you fear, then perhaps you can sit this one out. 

But. If you identify that the fear is only one of vulnerability, & admit that your experience could help someone else, whether it's a post on your blog or an article on another site, the world might need to hear your story.

Be wise // Be bold // Share to be of service

Oh & should you face fear while writing, just pump up some Taylor Swift's "Mean" & pretend you're in this photo booth with us at Alt, totally unafraid to look silly & knowing that everyone will be better for it.


{My dance partners: Whitney of Curtis Casa, Monica of Smart Creative Women, Katy of All Sorts of Pretty

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P.S. What have been your experiences sharing either on your blog, social media, in an interview or an article elsewhere? Have you ever over-shared & regretted it? Is there something you're currently thinking about sharing but fearful about?

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