Marie Forleo's Rich, Happy & Hot B-School


Bettys, today is huge! I have been sitting on this news for months & am so excited to finally be sharing it!

Last summer I enrolled in a phenomenal course for entrepreneurs, bloggers & small business owners: Marie Forleo's Rich, Happy & Hot B-School. The course was a leap of faith. I had personally already invested thousands of dollars in training courses to learn how to launch & rock a successful business online. But I knew that Marie was the queen & she exceeded my expectations! I made back the investment through my growing business & it was one of the smartest business decisions I made.

Then in the fall, the emails started to come in: Did I do business coaching? Would I sit down with you & talk marketing strategy? Could you take me to dinner to find out how I built a successful brand? And when I started my weekly column for IFB on taking your business seriously, it was confirmed: branding. blogging & small business is something so many Dean St Bettys desire to be financially successful at, but don't know how. Whether you want a calligraphy shop on Etsy or to teach Pilates, there are so many creative dreamers in the Dean St tribe!

So today I have two big annoucements:

Hello Branding, Blogging & Small Biz Clients!


I'm officially accepting clients for this new offering! I've been quietly taking on beta clients over the past few months & will be rolling out a new section of my "Hire Hilary" page, complete with their generous testimonies & a description of what happens in the sessions. <-- STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS ON BRAND COACHING COMING SOON!

But as a peek:

1-hour, via Skype, $125/session OR 2-hours, via Skype, $210/session

Who you are, what you want to make happen, how to create providence.

Who needs it, what you can offer, how to find them.

Your brand, your blog, your business visions for 2013 & beyond.

If you're oh so ready to book, an email to We'll send an invoice your way via PayPal & a worksheet to get prepped for our session. But if you're seriously serious ...

2. Mentorship Coterie for RHH B-School!


Last year I went through B-School with a mentor & it was so valuable! I knew when I launched Brand Coaching, I also wanted to offer to walk alongside my new clients through Marie's brilliant course. There's a lot of info jam packed in B-School! To stave off overwhelm & focus on your unique business, we'll have one-on-one sessions -- just you & me -- all throughout. For those of you who shared your business visions with me after I spoke at the IFB Conference this week you know there is nothing I love so much as helping a dream come true! I was doling out honest advice left & right in 3 minute convos, but I cannot wait for two-plus months of mentorship. Utter joy.

Here's what you can expect from what I'm calling the "Mentorship Coterie":

4 One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Hilary {value $500}

  • We'll schedule a 1-hour phone date every other week throughout B-School
  • I'll be going through B-School right alongside you so we'll be on the same page about the info we're covering & what you've just learned
  • We'll take the lessons & apply them directly to your unique business, dreams & what stage you're at

Graduation Group Call with Hilary {value $210}

  • Marie does a great job of adding "catch-up time" into B-School so it's not too much to take in, but I still found by the end I was a little behind. So 2-weeks after Marie's last live call, we'll hold our own to make sure we're truly tying up the loose ends of those final lessons & getting a chance to learn from one another's insights & ideas that unfold during the course

"Style & Styleability" Group Style Class {value $95}

  • To ensure you're representing your business at it's best, you'll also get a free spot in "Style & Styleability" to implement my style tips, tricks & insights as the next level version of yourself
  • This is also a great opportunity to see how an eCourse unfolds & consider what classes & info products you can create using what I've learned
  • If you're already an alum of "Style & Styleability" you'll receive a spot in my next eCourse launching in 2013 or can gift your spot to a friend

Total Value: $805 ... for you, $0

  • Yep. That's happening.
  • However, I want to make sure B-School is truly right for you. And that you & I are a dream team together! So membership to the Mentorship Coterie will be on an application basis. It's not a popularity contest! I just want to make sure we are two peas in a pod before we hold hands & gaze dreamily into one another's rockstar-filled-eyes for the next three months. 
  • In order to be considered for the Mentorship Coterie, send me an email to & tell me about yourself! What do you want to make happen in the next 3 years of your life? In what area of your life do you want to take things to the next level? Let me know any Qs you have & I'll be happy to answer them.

Free Training For All!

As a warm-up to B-School, Marie has an incredible free training course she rolls out. Part one just went live on Wednesday & whether B-School is right for you this season or not you will want to check it out! Even if you're not interested in entrepreneurship, it's fascinating to hear her story & some stats on the state of our culture today. And nothing's more stylish than a super smart betty!

So click on over. Then feel free to come back & leave me your first thoughts & Qs!

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P.S. Remember, if you want to apply for the Mentorship Coterie or have any Qs about B-School throughout Marie's next few weeks of free training, write to me at

This is a massive opportunity for you to fling open the doors to the next level of your life, the best version of yourself you can imagine three years from now, the you actively creating more providence in your life. I cannot wait to see how brightly you'll be shining come June!

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