Inspiring Loveliness this March: #EncourageBeauty

Yesterday lovely Anna of In Honor of Design & I introduced you to something we're calling #EncourageBeauty.

The idea is simple: Print out Anna's gorgeous calendar & commit to encouraging beauty in someone each day this month.

This can be a compliment to a coworker in person, a comment on a blog, or even a handwritten note to your grandmother. 

It can be left in lipstick on the mirror for your roommate at 5am. 

It can be 11:58pm when you head over to Instagram to pay a stranger compliment with #EncourageBeauty.

There are no rules.

There is just generosity & moments to #EncourageBeauty.


The #EncourageBeauty Manifesto

To help you remember this daily commitment & allow you to share it with others, we've written up a beautiful manifesto in two parts.Tape it to your mirror, tuck it in your planner, share it on the internet.

We've also created desktop & iPhone wallpaper, as well as blog buttons {link back to the announcement post so people can follow along from the beginning}. You can download all the goodies here!

Plus, each week we'll share new designs by Anna; new opportunities to be reminded a fresh, & share with your friends & followers.

Share your stories all month by leaving comments on our blogs & Instagram profiles. Write your own blog posts & add the button to your sidebar. Search #EncourageBeauty to find other bettys who share your heart in this.


Here's my theory:

By the end of the month, your putting courage in others will have helped you to realize that you should have more courage in your own red lipstick & plain white tee.

And that when you put courage in Alice, she puts courage in Betty, who puts courage in Charlotte, who puts courage in you ... that when I compliment Tree on her plum sweater, 3 or 33 people down the line in comes back to me in a stranger in Starbucks inspired to tell me how Parisian I look today ... & together we all got a little more beautiful in our own eyes & that of the world.

Thank you for inspiring these ideas in us & being the kind of community we know shares our heart.

To quote my beloved West Wing: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Because it's the only thing that ever has."

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P.S. Here's your next steps: {All downloads available here}

  1. Print the calendar & save it somewhere easy to write on.
  2. Plus the Manifesto where you'll see it daily. 
  3. Save the wallpaper as an extra visual reminder.

On of my favorite books "The Power of Habit" tells us we need cues, more that willpower, to instill new habits. So all these bits & baubles aren't just prettiness, they're reminders of this lovely commitment!

And here's how you can share:

  1. Share the Manifesto via social media to invite others to join: Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & your blog.
  2. Write a blog post & install the blog button on your sidebar so your readers can join in with you.
  3. Send an email & invite your friends. Maybe it's a high school teacher who can invite her students to join us, a youth group leader who can invite her teens, a mom's group, a Bible study, a sorority alumni organization. Get a group involved & that's when we'll really start to see the swell of  courage & beauty.
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