DeanStSoc + IHOD introduce #EncourageBeauty

My sweet friend Tree is in her 50's & one Sunday I commented on her plum sweater, "That color is just stunning on you!". Months went by & she said in passing one day, "You know, you told me once that I looked pretty in my purple sweater & I think about that every time I put it on."

I got teary-eyed right then & there. I'm still getting choked up about it as I type this.

How often do you see a stranger in the grocery line & think, "Wow her hair color is stunning" ...

Glimpse a friend's profile picture on Facebook & muse, "I swear she gets prettier every year" ...

Pass a woman who works on the floor below you noting, "She looks incredible in that coral lipstick" ...

And you keep it to yourself.

You don't want to bother her. Sound silly. Make a fuss. Have it come out wrong.

But have you ever felt bothered when another woman paid you a compliment?

Or did it light you up? Make your day? Inspire you with how thoughtful & generous they were?

Who do you see that is absolutely beautiful? 


{My friend Joelle looks so chic & Parisian in spectacles! Jean Michelle & Kristen are simply radiant in bright jewel tone colors! Downing always makes red lips look so effortless & Laurel is having the most bangin hair day here! Thanks to Downing, who's both of our hair stylist.}

How can we encourage one another's beauty?

The root of the word "encourage" is "to put courage in".

You have the power every day, to put courage in another woman.

You have the power to make her think every time she pulls out that plum sweater, "I look beautiful in this".

And what does that woman do when she walks out of the house feeling beautiful?

She has the courage to say to the stranger on the subway, "By the way, that dress looks gorgeous on you." 

And so this month, in lieu of a #StyleMe Instagram Challenge, instead of taking our style to the next level by starting with ourselves, let's take everyone's to the next level, by starting with one another.

I am beyond thrilled to be partnering with my gorgeous friend Anna of In Honor of Design as we invite you to join us this month in #EncourageBeauty!

The #EncourageBeauty Manifesto {Part 2 of 2}:


We can't wait to share the rest of the details with you tomorrow. But for now, go visit Anna's post to see Part 1 of the #EncourageBeauty Manifesto! If you're with us in this commitment to #EncourageBeauty this March, Pin/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram & spread the word. Share it with your friends. The more the merrier because beauty begets beauty, & courage begets courage ...

See you back here tomorrow with more details ...

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